How Waste Management Companies Operate Skip Hire in the Districts of London

Waste generation is a natural result of social and economic activities by businesses and consumers especially in London boroughs where construction waste from renovation and building works is commonplace.

Every business also generates waste and requires strategies to dispose it off in a proper and responsible manner.

The key to proper waste management is to ensure that you extract resources from the waste produced and process them for recycling. 
To make that happen, it is important that business owners understand that the waste generated has to be processed by the right company.

The amount of waste generated in UK is huge.

Over 3 billion tonnes of waste is generated in the UK every year and a large part of this waste comes from industrial and construction sites.

Waste like plastic and wood require methods like shredding, screening or compaction for effective treatment.

For waste disposal, Skip hire in London is a common practice in the industrial and commercial sector for waste disposal.

Skip Hire in London

Skips hire is a fast and easy way to store, transport and dispose dry waste from residential and industrial areas.

These skips are available in different sizes and variants that include mini, medium and large, they are normally measured in cubic Yards.

You can dispose of materials like plastic, wood, paper and metal by hiring a skip for your business. 
Be careful though as regulations put restrictions on the types of waste you can dispose of in slips, if you stray from them there could be fines imposed by the companies.

However, a special permit from the local council is required to hire skips whenever they are used / placed on public land and highways.
A rental / permit charge is charged to the business owner or skip hirer by the local council for the period it resides on their land.

Our Analysis:

Business authorities always look for low-cost skips and companies that can deliver a good service at the best price.

If we talk about the various development projects in London, the city’s dynamic economy generates a high level of development activity. This includes renovation, construction projects, and other activities.

These projects generate 3 billion tonnes of waste disposal requirements every year. Therefore, it is important to hire a reliable skip services to get rid of waste effectively. 
Reportedly, there are over 50 registered companies that offer skip hire services in London and about 8,000 skips are hired every year in the immediate area.

In this article, we’ll discuss the popular districts in London and the number of development projects that are undertaken in each of them. We are also going to list the number of skips hired in the area to give you an estimate of their services.

Waste Management in London:


Located in North London, Tottenham is a host to an array of businesses.

Basically, these businesses are separated from the residential area removing any issues relating to waste disposal. 
According to The North London Joint Waste Strategy, hazardous materials are separated from the mixed waste stream for proper disposal. 
For bulkier materials like debris and industrial waste, skip services are hired.

According to an estimate of last 3 years, there are nearly 5000 construction and renovation projects in Tottenham, increasing rubbish at the rate of 3% every year. 
This estimate is pressurising business authorities to hire skips to get rid of waste quickly.

In 2015, about 600 skips were hired in Tottenham.

The city of Tottenham : Hub of businesses


The Camden town is amongst the 35 major centres identified in the London Plan. It is hugely popular for its markets and industrial development. 
However, with an advanced development plan, follows a great waste disposal strategy. 
Business owners highly depend on skip hire services to dispose of plastic and paper.

Customers demand convenience, so about 8,000 single-use carrier bags were issued in the Camden in 2013. That’s around 1,000 tonnes of plastic!

To fix this issue and reduce the amount of plastic used, the government charged 5p per single-use plastic carrier bag. This reduced the use of plastic in local markets.

The popular market of Camden


The Royal city of Westminster is cleaner and better than other districts of London.

About 180,000 tonnes of garbage is cleared every year for a better living. The residential and commercial bulky waste is collected in a skip and then separated according to their nature. They are shifted to an isolated location and treated according to their nature.

The local council ensures that materials like plastic, paper and wood are recycled and re-used. More than 100 skips are hired in a month to transport waste to a safer and isolated place.

The royal city of Westminster


The London Borough of Lambeth is responsible for managing the waste generated by the various residential and industrial sectors in Lambeth.

This includes waste from the households, Street sweeping, litter and gully pot waste, Waste from Lambeth’s markets and other crucial areas.

The waste disposal authorities dispose around 500,000 tonnes of rubbish each year, in a safe and cost-effective manner. 
Around 200 skips are hired in a month to maintain cleanliness in all parts of this area.

Brixton district : In the borough of Lambeth


Nearly 332,400 tonnes of waste is generated in Bromley every year.

Being a large suburban town in London, waste generated is mostly municipal waste that is disposed off regularly. 
The waste disposal strategy in Bromley has improved over the years. People have become responsible and business owners hire services to get rid of waste in minimum time.

About 30% of the land in Bromley is farmland, making it the largest rural area in London. To manage the waste, skips are hired and materials like wood are transported for a better treatment.

The suburban town of Bromley

When it comes to waste management, the City of London has a strong track record. 
Over the years, there have been many successful operations and award schemes practised by the London Authorities to encourage sustainable waste management strategies. One of them is Clean City Awards that has been a successfully running for 20 years.

Even after these enormous steps and strategies, the increase in the amount of waste is not only a mystery but a topic of serious discussions. According to the analysis, nearly two-fifths of the rubbish is send outside London to dispose of in Landfills. This waste takes a very long time to break down and is a major reason for soil erosion and land pollution.

Skip hire is an easy and quick way to transport and store dry waste to an isolated location. However, some business owners do not opt for skip hire services, considering it is expensive. This is a wrong step on their behalf. Sending waste materials directly to the landfills can sound great economically for now but, we will have to pay its price in the near future.

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