Unlikely Treasures

Since the time when civilisations first sprung up around the globe humans have been entranced by gems and jewels of rare beauty; coveting them and often waging wars to guard them from others.

The UpLovers are not so different from those who have come before us — we too are entranced by the rare beauty of what is often discarded by others and destined for landfill. Luckily we are a peaceful crew…. quite happy to share both skills, and our rare jewels!

We had a diverse range of materials to work with, and a diversity of creativity in the UpLovers to match!

Our latest workshop was with the amazing Barb Nanshe, of the Nanshe Studio Gallery at the tranquil surrounds of the Green Community Garden at the Tuncurry Waste Management Centre. Barb dropped by to share some of her artistic wisdom with the UpLovers and teach them a thing or two about making jewellery from ‘found’ objects.

For this workshop, as well as sourcing items from the Green Shop on site at the TWMC, participants brought items from their homes along as well for the ‘Nanshe treatment’.

Nothing was too unique or eclectic for this workshop. One of the UpLovers, Leigh, brought some feathers from the budgie at her father’s nursing home and another, Janine brought a couple of her school badges to incorporate into her jewellery pieces too!

In total nine lovely UpLovers attended the funky jewellery upcycling workshop where they learnt about moulding, punching, wrapping, cutting and more!

Barb Nanshe was such a terrific facilitator and brought so much experience and talent in upcycling and jewellery making to the group.

We had a diverse range of materials to work with, and a diversity of creativity in the UpLovers to match it too!

Wonderful skills development and play were the order of the day, with one UpLover referring to it as nothing less than a moment of “gay abandonment”.

Imaginations were in overdrive and the results speak for themselves.

A huge thank you to Barb again for being so wonderful and we look forward to having her visit the group again in the future!