What to do with vinyl records in a world where music is suspended in the cloud until you decide to stream it?

Even if you are the sentimental type and have a dusty record player adorning your lounge room at home, the sheer number of scratched and warped records that find their way to landfills each year are innumerable.

Sounds like the UpLovers are needed to cook up a solution…

Mignon is an extremely dedicated volunteer at the Green Community Garden, and she was the leader of the workshop last week that would see old vinyl records given a new life and purpose.

Mignon is in this next photo, but we will let you work out which UpLover she is…

Did you get it right?

In order to work with and shape vinyl records the first thing you are going to need is a BBQ.

Why? With a little heat (and salt and pepper to spice…) you can spin vinyl into all kinds of whacky shapes and forms.

Just don’t cook it for too long or you won’t be able to eat it… we mean shape it. Always make sure you have someone ready with the tongs, and an assistant ready to tell tall fishing stories and keep the atmosphere chilled.

But once cooked right, what you can do with this material is pretty mesmerising, and the applications for old records is only limited by your imagination.

So what are you waiting for?

Switch on the barbie and start cooking!

There are no broken records after all.

A huge thanks to Mignon for sharing her creative approach to old vinyl records.

Stay tuned for more from the UpLovers soon!

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