Waste: Valuable resources with bad metadata. The WasteIQ platform connects IoT infrastructure and different software solutions to create transparency and data driven business models. Photo: Annick Staub (CC BY 2.0)

Fullstack developer with a cause?

Help us create a platform to enable a circular economy

WasteIQ is connectivity platform for smart, urban waste management. Now we are looking for a fullstack developer to join our team in Bergen, Norway.

Anders Waage Nilsen
Dec 2, 2019 · 3 min read

Yes, coding can help save the planet. Digital connectivity is a necessary prerequisite for the business models of the circular economy. Do you dream of using your programming skills fix a real-world problem? Are you up to speed on IoT protocols, integrations, APIs and javascript? This might be your chance.

WasteIQ is a promising tech startup, preparing to scale a high impact sustainability solution. We are already operational, running the system for urban public waste handling in Bergen, Norway. Now we are looking for 1–2 developers to join our core team to make our platform ready for the next step in our journey. Ideally candidates are located in Bergen, but if you live elsewhere and believe your are the perfect match, we are open to organize a remote way of working.

We are pragmatic when it comes to practicalites, but the candidates should ideally be Bergen based and regularly take part in team meetings and workshops. In the beginning, the new developers will have to also have to give a helping hand in customer support and bug handling.

About the WasteIQ platform

• WasteIQ is a cloud based platform that collects data from waste infrastructure such as containers, smart locks and sensors (level sensors, geo trackers and more). We consolidates and enrich data and make the data available through our API.

• A configuration web client that simplifies onboarding of new equipment, and eases administrative tasks related to access control and monitoring of equipment. This client will be further developed in the next stage.

• The platform can be used both by public and private waste handlers. It enables data driven business models (such as pay-as-you-throw fee calculations) and condition based logistics.

We have big ambitions for the project both technically and commercially. The platform is today used for running underground solutions from BIR, including both a world-leading underground vacuum system and several vendors of underground containers with access control. We are also working with innovation projects to support other parts of the infrastructure. WasteIQ was nominated for the national innovation award 2019. The solution is getting attention from both cities and technology partners.

Who are we looking for?

We are searching for skilled programmers with a structured mind, with the ability to handle complexity. We are also open for talented IT students that can contribute on a part-time basis, or maybe combine the job with a masters/phd thesis.

Keywords for the technology are Javascript, Node.js and graphQL. The platform we build is a multi vendor platform in the cloud based on containized architecture (Kubernetes).

We are more interested in a fast learner and bright mind than experience, so if you are young and aspiring you are welcome to apply. We believe diversity is important in a great team. We especially welcome applications from women, people with multicultural background or interesting life stories.

The dream candidate, from our perspective:

• A problem solver, with the skill and creativity to come up with great engineering solutions.
• A bit nerdy, with javascript knowhow and curiosity on the wonders of IoT, sensors and the hardware side of technology.
• A general interest for open standards and communication systems (IoT devices, MQTT etc) is an advantage. The same goes from experience in integration with public registries and GIS systems.
• A flexible mindset. We are a small team that work together to solve a bunch of challenges and we collaborate to keep our customers happy.
• Versatile and service minded. In this job you would need to both contribute in developing projects and in running the platform.

What can we offer
• An inspiring and important project that will make an impact
• Collaboration with very experienced and skilled developers and business developers
• Become a part of a small team where everyone is involved
• Competitive salary and flexible work-hours.

More information:

Anders Waage Nilsen
Epost: anders@new.no
Telefon: +47 918 14 356


The open waste transaction platform

Anders Waage Nilsen

Written by

Entrepreneurial activist and tech-writer. Co-founder Fri Flyt, Netlife Bergen, Stormkast, Myldring, NEW, WasteIQ. More to come.



The open waste transaction platform

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