I’m gonna die in front of the screen

My name is Oleksandr. And I’m going to watch all the movies that have ever made their appearences on big festivals and on main world awards!

I started this challenge about 10 years ago and I’ve watched all I could find from 1927 till 1964. I’m not sure that one life is enough for this quest. I have family, job, friends and other hobbys. But I try to watch 4–5 old movies per week.

I didn’t realize that my challenge would be interesting for other people so I didn’t write about it earlier. But now I want to.

There are about 1400 films in my Done list. I don’t want to talk about every of them. I’ll write about every festival or award in common — few sentences about every picture. And a few words about event. Maybe I’ll change something in my plan in the future, I don’t know now.

If you want to support me, please, press like and share. And if you like old movies as I do, you can chose something from my list.

Let’s go! This will be long-long journey.