02: Robyn Arryn is a Drunk

WEEEEEEEEK TWOOOOO! Well actually week four. Tony and Blake missed a week because they were out in Las Vegas, Nevada: The City on a Hill, The City that Never Sleeps, The Emerald City. But they’re back with another amazing episode of the insanely popular and successful podcast Watching the Thrones. If you’ve been fixin’ for some more Game of Thrones coverage turn off the lights, crawl into bed, and blast the latest episode. We understand. Game of Thrones is crack and Watching The Thrones is your crack pipe.

In this episode Tony and Blake talked about Episodes 3 and 4 of Game of Thrones Season 6 and make comparisons to Season 4 episode 2 and Season 2 episode 5. Get ready for some throwbacks. All the fan theories and inside information you can stomach awaits. Want to stop reading and just listen to their manly, dulcet, and confident voices? Click the play button below. Do it NOW!

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Vegas is full of Game of Thrones swag.

Oh the places we’ll go…

Let’s face it, you don’t really want to read any more than you have to. So instead of writing up summaries about what Tony and Blake discussed, how about you just look at these pretty .GIFs instead.

The Tower of Joy

Double the swords. Double the pain.
The sky just looks so beautiful in Dorne. All the fluffy clouds.

The Wall

Thorne holds his head high. Murder Baby glowers.
Family Hugs No. 1


Truly doesn’t know left from right when it comes to handling an apple.


Nothing really happened here this episode, so let’s just look at the bad funeral again.

King’s Landing

Family Hugs No. 2


Sadly with Arya’s sight back we’re done playing Beat The Blind Girl™


I learned the hard way not to eat the help. Seems the dragons were better trained.

Vaes Dothrak

Fire is the finest from of Diplomacy. And boy are those steps flammable.
What’s not to love about a strong lady who can master fire.


A Golden Crown

At the end of the episode, Blake and Tony spun the Wheel of … Thrones™ to determine which arbitrary episode they will watch next week. The goal is to try to remember what happened in Westeros’s past and connect it to the goings on in Season 6.

The wheel has spoken and the dynamic duo will be watching and analyzing Season 1 Episode 5 A Golden Crown

According to the Game of Thrones Wiki, in this glorious episode:

In Vaes Dothrak, Viserys’ frustrations at the constant delays before he can receive his crown boil over. In King’s Landing, while King Robert goes on a hunt, Eddard issues a decree that could splinter the Seven Kingdoms and makes a startling discovery about the heirs to the throne. In the Eyrie, Tyrion Lannister wagers everything on the greed of the sellsword Bronn.

Who to Thank!

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