An inside look at the Clinton. Slush fund I mean Foundation ….

Email ID 18552

this CF (Clinton foundation )

EXEC. is quitting the CF & shitposting supreme abt the slush fund … worth the read !!

This email reads

of the reasons for me to leave CF, there are other professional reasons. But I thought after spending four years with foundation, I should share my thoughts with you. I will be leaving Clinton Foundation at the end of April to join Asian Development Bank (ADB) as a clean energy consultant to develop and finance energy access projects for empowerment of poor people in Asia. I will be moving to Manila, Philippines for one year assignment and will be responsible for developing innovative financing and delivery mechanisms for access to energy team with in ADB. 30th April is my last day at Clinton foundation, my personal email id is<>. Best, Aj. AMIT JAIN | C40, in partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative| Regional Coordinator, Solid waste and waste water program|<mailto:program|> |<>


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