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About the CB01 by Scott Beland

I first found out about the CB01 after the initial offering had just sold out. As the release date grew closer and production pictures started making their way to the internet, my sadness only grew as I was increasingly enamored with this timepiece.

After posting in this forum looking for anyone who might have had a change of heart and wanted to re-home their CB01, I was surprised and delighted to be contacted directly by Guido Benedini who delivered the best news — there was a possibility of a few more pieces being available! The details were quickly settled and the wait began!

After a delivery mishap by UPS, my CB01-P024 arrived two weeks ago. Needless to say, no other watch has been getting any attention since! The CB01 is a quite engaging piece. In the collector’s realm, we sometimes speak of the mythical “one watch collection” — which is pretty antithetical to the entire notion of being a watch collector, but the CB01 is versatile enough and so uniquely designed that it could be the one. While it is every bit the “tool” watch it is designed to be, it is also sleek enough to be worn for dress (perhaps with a strap change). Cedric Bellonhas designed a truly timeless, future classic timepiece.

As a collector or mostly vintage watches, equally because of the design elements and also driven by the notion of returning neglected pieces to service, the sustainability aspect of the CB01 really hit home. The CB01 is where innovative design meets innovative production. What a better industry we would be involved in if other companies put forth real effort in this way instead of marketing a new dial color or a millimeter change in case size as some sort of watershed moment!

Scott Beland is an Angel backer of the Cedric Bellon Sustainable Tool Watches CB01.



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