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With the approval of the sample by Cedric and Watch Angels all technical drawings, materials, finishes and manufacturing solutions have been validated. The production of the CB01 has now started:

  • Thyssen Krupp has melted the raw material for the entire CB production and is now drawing the 100% recycled stainless steel bars from which we will machine case, dial and buckle
  • Hands are now in production with our Swiss supplier
  • The repurposed movements are in our components warehouse
  • Every day our strap artisan is producing 16 hand-made sustainable straps
  • All other minor components are in production

Estimated delivery date is end of April 2021 and we look forward to meeting the Angels who have chosen the factory pick-up option at our manufacture!

In the meantime Thyssen Krupp materials has featured the CB project on it’s home page.

The CB01 is in fact the first watch to be made in PuReSteel© by Thyssen Krupp. PuReSteel© is a 100% certified recycled stainless steel that is produced using CO2 neutral melting equipment.

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