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Laissons le capitalisme et le “laissez-faire” faire ses preuves! (Let capitalism and “laissez-faire” prove itself!)

republished from LinkedIn, article by Mark Lewis-Jones

I fully support and applaud the efforts of these 3 entrepreneurs in Watch Angels and their concept and initiative, the Cedric Bellon (CB) Sustainable Tool watch, which was featured on 16 December 2020 in the indefatiguably informative and useful aBlogToWatch (ABTW).


They join other innovative, disruptive brands in similar efforts, such as Code 41 and Hegid, for example, and are leading the way to bring excellent value for the price while building a community around their concept of crowd manufacturing.

This does not detract from what others may refer to as “mainstream watches”, many of which have old, venerable, relevant pedigrees or are on the cutting edge of haute horology, which add to the joy of collecting them and the prestige attached to ownership.

However, there are two points where CB steps in and wins: 1) These venerable brands are not accessible to all, and especially to the growing number of new watch enthusiasts who appreciate everything these brands represent but cannot yet afford, and 2) It eliminates the now increasingly stale and costly structure of the traditional distribution paradigm.

CB is simultaneously pulling back the curtain in OZ and offering an enticing alternative. And the designs and finishing are, in my humble opinion and simple preferences, absolutely stunning. Nothing smarmy about this. Congrats to Watch Angels and CB!

As for all the naysayers in the comments following the ABTW article, I have two things to share, take them or leave them, because there is no single solution or silver bullet to the very real challenges facing the global watch industry today and its outdated and beleaguered distribution model : 1) No brand/concept can be everything to everyone, and it is folly to believe so, and 2) Whether or not you endorse or applaud this, and other, similar innovative concepts, it doesn’t really matter, because it will appeal to some, who will express their approbation with their wallets. There is the true litmus test.

Laissons le capitalisme et le “laissez-faire” faire ses preuves

-Mark Lewis-Jones

Advisory Board, Watch Trade Academy



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