PuReSteel™ for watches: a collaboration between Thyssen Krupp and Watch Angels.

Watch Angels
Jan 8, 2021 · 2 min read

Thyssen Krupp and Watch Angels partnered to implement a 316L stainless steel that is completely sourced from an existing circle and therefore 100% recycled for the Cedric Bellon Sustainable Tool Watches.

No additional resources have been asked to mother nature and thanks to this project we have given a new life to existing materials.

Watch angels has collected the material and Thyssen Krup helped to recycle it and to certify the whole remelting process.

The raw material has been melted down under strictly controlled conditions resulting in a recycled steel of high quality which is necessary for watches.

What is PuReSteel?

PuReSteel is a 100% recycled steel. It is invisibly marked and always traceable the raw material. This is achieved through the following key components:

  • Collection of raw materials (scrap) under controlled conditions and tracked
  • Use of conflict-free alloying elements and CO2 neutral melting equipment
  • Marking of the recycled steel with a genetic fingerprint

Enabling 100% recycling and the proof of it

The steel has been re-engineered to the required cleanliness according and chemistry, then cleaned from possible scrap contaminations by metallurgical refining. A genetic fingerprint is added, so that the steel can always be tracked back to its origin.

The PuReSteel™ used in the CB01 is a 100% recycled, certified and traceable stainless steel.

A first in the watch industry.