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The Funder Watches modularity

The final prototype of the Funder with the Måne module is now ready. We have been able to appreciate the quality of its technical construction which is optimal and has been approved. This, in turn, validates all technical drawings and now the mass production of components can start according to those drawings.

On Friday 21st Thomas Funder came to visit us at the Factory to approve it from his side (which he did!) and this is was his evaluation:

“ It was great to see the first complete Måne watch and test the modular system by using the Phases and Days of the moon complications. Every change between cases and modules has a huge aesthetic effect and it was a great experience to try it out for the first time.
Last month we created a 3D printed strap to get an understanding of the look. This month the first samples of the straps could be mounted on the cases and I could wear the Måne watch for the first time. The curvature of the case/caseback and the integrated strap gives a very good comfort on the wrist. Additionally the titanium case saves weight and gives a very good balance to the watch.”

Of course, we took the occasion to make some quick content and what surprised us every time is the flexibility of the concept which allows to exchange 3 elements: the titanium case (available in different colours), the complication modules (available in 3 layouts and different colours for each layout) and the straps (available in two colours).

Thomas Funder explaining the modularity of his watch

Changing the elements gives creates different executions of the same minimalist Danish monolayer design with fascinating results. This is all the more significant, because a new complication module will be launched in 2022. This will allow even more flexibility because in essence it means that it possible to configure a new watch and a new complication at the fraction of the cost of a new watch.

The exchange of the modules itself is very simple and requires no tools. You only have to turn the module anti-clockwise and then press it down and then substitute it with a new one by pushing it upwards and then turning it clockwise. The crown and crown tube are not manipulated in this process.

The Funder Måne is now in small batch production after having been funded in the angel round and you can already configure and reserve yours

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