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5 min readSep 24, 2020


We are an independent, family owned Swiss watch manufacturer.

Since 1979, we grew to what we are today by adapting and anticipating the market, as well as by designing and implementing new technologies. We are a fully integrated watch manufacture, producing its watches in-house and under one roof.

Today we employ more than 200 passionate skilled watchmakers, engineers, technicians, CNC operators, polishers, QC experts, after sales experts and logistics experts.

On average, each of our employees has been with the company for more than 12 years because we are more than an industrial entity, we are a family, and we collectively feel accountable for the company and the social and economic role it has within the watchmaking industry and our region.

It is important for us that skills are continuously developed and that nothing is lost on the way. Not only does it make us better at what we do as a company but it satisfies us individually as well.

In our factory we carry out all activities which allows a watch to go from the idea of a creator to the wrist of a watch enthusiast.

We start by carrying out the necessary R&D and by transforming the design language of a creator, as represented by the watch design into an optimal construction. The construction is formalised by the technical drawings we make. Technical developement is one of the most important phases in watch manufacturing. A good construction assures a qualitative watch from the start and our principle is alway construct watches that will allow a high efficiency in production.

To judge the result of he construction, we first we make a 3D printed prototype. This allows us to judge the volumes and the general aestetics of the watch before going into the real sample. If we like it, the metal prototype follows and if it also proves to be conform in the measurements and tolerances of all its parts, the series production starts.

The series production involves manufacturing the components and sourcing the ones that are not produced in-house.

Each components is also checked for conformity before it gets assembled in the watch.

The finishing of the watch is especially important. Its aesthetic values and the overal quality are very much determined by the “savoir faire”, quality and method of finishing. We like to finish watches as much as possible by machine using our multiple axis CNCs, because machine finishing gives a perfection and consistency of finishing that can just not be obtained by hand.

Of course, the hand of Man is still fundamental, but it intervenes only in those areas of the watch which the machine is unable to reach, or where it would do a worse job.

The assembly of the parts is a very delicate operation which requires lots of manual skill, experience and patience.

It only starts after all quality controls on the watch components and the movement have been done at entry, and it can be considered as accomplished only when, at exit, the finished watch has passed all quality controls: aesthetic conformity, water-resistance test, torsion and shock resistance test and finally the test of the precise running of the movement.

Only after the watch has passed all the quality controls it will get packed and prepared to be delivered to the customer. The strictness of our quality controls and our manufacturing capabilities allows us to give our customers a five year minimum world-wide manufacturer guarantee, which is three years more than the legally required period.

Manufacturing the watch is of course the fundamental part of our activity, but we know that for a quality product, which frequently represents a large portion of the salary of a watch enthusiast, the service, delivery and after sales experience are as important.

We are in touch with our customers directly and we will always resolve eventual problems or desires in the shortest possible time. We know how important that is.

Because we are a family owned company, our customers can always count on us for any repair and after sales needs, even decades after the first purchase. We identify all the watches we produce and because we make the technical conception ourselves we are always able to repair them, also decades after their first production.

Watchmaking is a globalised, complex and highly technological industry which can be intimidating and difficult to understand for many customers.

By being independent and by assuring all the main areas of watch production in-house and under one roof, we guarantee the quality, the delivery assurance, the guarantee of origin and the factory warranty.

From experience we know how important transparency and personal service are, and because we consider our customers part of our family we do our utmost best to satisfy them.

These are not empty words. Without this philosophy and work ethics we would not have been able to provide a consitent livelihood to our local community and maintain our role in the Swiss watchmaking industry, since so many years.

We are the manufacturer in Watch Angels. Together with the creator and the watch enthusiast we are the third Angel that is required to make a watch.