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The “Power On” event and CB01 GMT launch at the Watch Angels Manufacture.

On the 1st of July we met at our manufacture in Mendrisio, Switzerland for the 1st Watch Angels get together and the live launch of the CB01 GMT by Cedric Bellon.

Some Angels came from very far, some from all corners of Europe and some from all corners of Switzerland.

We had two groups, one starting at 15h taking part in all the activities and one group who joined at 18h for a factory tour and the live launch of the CB01 GMT, moderated by Alessandro Recalcati, the President of the Swiss Watchmaking Association of Ticino, representing the industrial watchmaking ecosystem of our region.

On the menu were the vist ouf our manufacture (production, assembly, technical developement, R&D and logistics), incredibly inspiring and emotional talks by our creators (Thomas Bühlmann, Cedric Bellon and Thomas Funder), the presentation of the new book by Waltham historian Stan Czubernat and the display of all our collections.

We all also participated to a production game where had to estimate the production phases and the timings, difficulties, inputs and outputs of each phase. This was fun and enlightening at the same time!

Last but not least, the main course of the menu was socialising and having a very good time! And a good time we had!!

Here are some pictures of the day:

We all look forward to the next event and in case you love watchmaking, especially the independent brands one, consider joining the Watch Angels community!



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