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The Top 25 WWI Trench Watches

Today we celebrate Veterans Day, honoring all who have served.

The bloody fighting of WWI ended 104 years ago today, for this occasion trench watch historian, Stan Czubernat, has put together this video with the TOP 25 American made “trench watches” from the Great War era.

Some are extremely RARE where only one or two examples are known to exist while others are common. Let’s pause for a moment to think of the men that originally wore these watches who insured our freedoms.

25. 1917 Elgin “General Funston” Trench Watch with the original factory strap featuring a compass.
24. 1918 Offset Crown Waltham Roman Numeral RED XII Trench Watch.
23. 1917 Waltham “Admiral Benson” Trench Watch, no second hand.
22. 1918 Elgin “General Funston” Trench Watch, original Khaki Strap and RARE US clasp.
21. 1918 Hamilton Trench Watch, 19 jewels.
20. 1918 Waltham Depollier KHAKI Cushion Case, heavy duty weight.
19. 1918 Elgin “White Star Dial” Trench Watch, Two Bar Integrated Crystal Guard Fahys OreSilver case.
18. 1918 Waltham Offset Crown Trench Watch, Philadelphia Sterling Case, “CROSS” Crystal Guard.
17. 1916 Offset Crown Waltham Trench Watch, BOLD Arabic RED 12 Dial.
16. 1915 Waltham “RED 12” Trench Watch, BIG 36mm 18k solid gold semi-hermetic Dennison case.
15. 1918 Elgin “Admiral Benson” Trench Watch, BEHEMOTH 43mm size 12s.
14. 1917 Illinois Trench Watch, Fahys ARMORED case w/ an integrated crystal guard, original Khaki Strap.
13. 1915 Waltham Trench Watch, 9 o’clock second hand, BIG 36mm semi-hermetic Dennison case.
12. 1917 Elgin “Admiral Evans Trench Watch, BEHEMOTH 44mm size 12s.
11. 1918 Elgin “General Joffre” Trench Watch, giant 38mm size 6s, DUO Crystal Guard.
10. 1918 Waltham Trench Watch, Fahys Cushion Case, Glagovsky “Daisy” Cushion Crystal Guard.
9. 1918 Offset Crown Elgin “Admiral Evans” Trench Watch, RED XII dial.
8. 1918 Waltham Depollier “KHAKI” Trench Watch with Swivel Lugs, KHAKI stamped crown.
7. 1918 Offset Crown Waltham “Admiral Benson” Trench Watch.
6. 1918 Waltham Depollier “KHAKI” Trench Watch, Swivel Lugs, Crown at 12 O’clock, factory Khaki Strap.
5. 1918 Offset Crown Elgin Trench Watch, NAWCCo “ONGARD” w/ Integrated Crystal Guard.
4. 1917 Waltham Trench Watch, RARE Mealy Manufacturing “LATH” Crystal Guard.
3. 1918 Elgin “Black Star Dial” Trench Watch, black oxidized military case finish, ISSUED.
2. 1919 Waltham Depollier “Field & Marine” Waterproof Watch, world’s FIRST waterproof wrist watch.
1. 1919 Waltham Depollier “THERMO” Waterproof Watch, the ONLY one currently known to exist.

Which one is your favorite?

To learn more about these watches, please visit the site of Author Stan Czubernat.

To learn more about the Thermo, please visit Watch Angels

To learn more here about the Waltham Field & Marine



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