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Waltham Field & Marine. The document by the US Army Engineering and Reaseach Division.

With this blogpost we release one of the United States Army documents which Stan Czubernat found in the United States National Archives pertaining to Charles Depollier waterproof wrist watch technology, dated November 9, 1918. This is just one of the documents he found, there is actually a big stack of them.

The Armistice was signed just two days later on November 11, 1918, that ended the bloody fighting of WWI. Note that it states the “DuBois Watch Case Company”, (owned by Charles Depollier). The U.S. Army Engineering & Research Division was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Mauborgne. His division worked hand & hand with Charles Depollier in 1918 on the final case design and features for the “Field & Marine” mil-spec waterproof case.

The “Executive Board” consisted of 7 officers according to other documents he found in the National Archives. These 7 U.S. Army officers would decide what would be purchased for the War Department after all the documentation/testing on an item, was presented to the Executive Board.

It is hard to not figure out if a unanimous decision by the Executive Board was required or a simple majority vote would suffice. Either way, Depollier’s waterproof case was approved in 1918 and the United States War Department purchased 10,000 of them.

The very limited edition re-issue of the Waltham Field & Marine Thermo will go on presale at Watch Angels end-October 2022.

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The book by Stan Czubernat “The Inconvenient Truth about the World’s First Waterproof Watch” can be. purchased here



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