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Waltham Thermo Reveal

Waltham “Thermo”
The rarest, most scientific and high end

We decided to manufacture a re-issue of the THERMO version of the Field & Marine, the first waterproof watch, when an original was unexpectedly found in early 2022, after having been missing from the historical records for more than 50 years. To date it remains the only one documented.

Being the rarest of the Field & Marine executions, with its yellow anti-sniper crystal, it has a particular significance for Waltham’s history and for watchmaking as a whole. This legacy is what we celebrate with this very limited edition re-issue.

The Thermo was the luxury version of the Waltham Depollier Field & Marine featuring a 14k solid gold case-back disk which we have — of course — built into the watch, albeit in a new way, so that it can be inserted and removed using the Waltham Field & Marine “chuck key” which is delivered with the watch.

The extremely rare 1919 Waltham Depollier “THERMO” was the most scientifically built watch of its epoch (and for many years later) and therefore deserves to be defined as the “Crown Jewel” of American watchmaking technology and collectability. Nothing else really comes close.

The rarity of the original and the very limited edition of this re-issue (25pcs) guarantees the collectible status of this re-issue and therefore a value progression over the years.

Interestingly, Charles Depollier registered a specific logo for the Thermo, which could represent the first logo ever registered for a specific watch model. He was indeed not only a talented engineer but, also had a good sense for branding his innovations.

Deep Dive

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Angel round opens October 27th at 8pm CEST




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