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Watch Design Work-Shop at Lund University by Thomas Funder

I was recently invited by Carl Lidgard to do a 5-day watch design workshop for the Industrial design students at Lund University. The school is located in the southern part of Sweden, less than one hour from Copenhagen in Denmark.

The week was intensive, since many of the students did not have any previous experience with watches. It was important to make an introduction to watches and the industry as well explaining the process of creating a watch from Idea to final concept.

The design process presented was intended as a base for personal creations and the students could try new processes and experiment with various methods. The projects therefore had a great variation in between them and each reflecting what the students personally found interesting in watches.

The individual projects ended up covering many directions. Some with poetic storytelling and others focused on new technical solutions that can change the way we use watches.

The attention to detail is something that very few industries manage as well as the watch industry, so this was important to have in mind, when the class had to finalize their concepts through 3D models and renderings.

It is a pleasure to share my work in the watch industry with the next designers. I learn a lot myself by seeing new and different methods that can be integrated in the creative process for future developments. At the same time it is a great challenge to communicate what I have learned after several years in the Swiss watch industry.

Thomas Funder is a watch designe and the founder of Funder Watches.



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