Crowdmanufacturing vs. crowdfunding for watches

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3 min readNov 11, 2020


Just before launch I would like to reply to another question I frequently got in these preparation months. Why I chose crowdmanufacturing instead of crowdfunding?

The similarity between the two systems is that that they are based on pre-sale, for the rest there are big differences, both for me as a creator and for you as a patron/buyer.

For what regards me as a creator I really liked the fact that crowdmanufacturing on Watch Angels is completely focused on quality watches and on watch enthusiasts as an audience, while Kick-starter or other similar platforms are generalist places which also feature many low value and doubtfull projects. I wanted to make sure that my project was not placed among those. Of course, I also liked the collaborative nature and the fact that I can collaborate with the community to reach the best design for you.

Also, through Crowdmanufacturing I have an entire development, manufacturing, operational, administrative and logistic platform behind me; and this on top of the web platform where I can sell and interact with other watch enthusiasts. This means that I could do what I do best, develop a vision and turn it into a watch design, and do it without needing to set up a company and a structure (hire people etc.), while being able to continue working for my brand clients. I could not have done that with crowdfunding.

For you, as watch enthusiasts and buyers I think that the most important differences are that you know who will produce your watch, you get the quality, you get transparency, you have the guarantee of origin, you have a 5 year warranty , you have a credible and real contractual partner, you get a quality service, you know whom to contact, and all other things which come with having a leading Swiss factory direct relationship. All these things normally are not available to you on Kickstarter and other platforms.

Of course, I think you will also like the interaction with me and the factory on Watch Angels and, last but not least, the fantastic valze for money and prices the crowdmanufacturing system guarantees by being so efficient and factory direct.

In conclusion, I would say that watch crowdmanufacturing is a system made for watch enthusiasts that allows you to support talented creators and start-ups, but with all the guarantees and security of having leading and established Swiss watch manufacturer as your manufacturing, service and contractual partner.

Because I care about my watch and hope you will too, I wanted to give you those guarantees and security, because for me they are key and necessary when someone is committing to a pre-sale for a quality watch, especially from a creator - like me - you probably have never heard about before, even if he is working for the best names in the industry.

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