10 Reasons Why You Should Use WatchUGot

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

WatchUGot is your one-stop shop for everything challenge-related. On our app, you can host, view or participate in challenges for either charity or pure fun!

For any type of fundraising, WatchUGot offers a powerful, philanthropic twist on internet challenges to save you time & money. Think of WatchUGot as a useful tool who helps you promote what you care about without burning out your contacts by blatantly asking them for funds. Instead, you challenge these people to a task and convince them into either raising awareness for your cause by doing your challenge or by forking up some money to help you out. Ideally, they’d be able to do both.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use WatchUGot

  1. Generative Action: Take action in your life and help raise awareness and/or funds for others.

2. Entertainment: Creating a Private Challenge for some close friends helps make memories and strengthen the bonds of friendship.

3. Crowdfunding: Make a successful fundraising campaign with just a few clicks for whatever it is you care about. For example, let’s say a soccer mom needs to raise funds for your son’s soccer team. Create a “Soccer Ball Trick Challenge” for the other your friends and family and simply send them the link! Before long, you’ll hit your fundraising goal in a manner that everybody has fun with.

4. Give Back: Give to others by simply doing their challenge and see the actual dollar impact that YOU made happen by doing said challenge.

5. Community: Be a part of a whole new type of global community.

6. A Chance To Go Viral: Become as “viral” as the Numa Numa guy or Chocolate Rain. The earlier you join the more likely that you will become viral!

7. Family Fun: Start a private challenge among your extended family members! Whatever you choose, it will bring whole-hearted fun to family and friends.

8. Gaming: With an upcoming update of WatchUGot you will be able to earn points, level up, and obtain badges for completing, creating, and sharing challenges.

9. Rewards: Earn real world rewards when we integrate our Blockchain component into the app! The more challenges you complete or awareness you raise, the more you win.

You can then take your rewards and either donate them back to charities, personal campaigns, or use them in our in-app marketplace for physical or virtual goods.

Oh, and there’s one last thing; you can also pull it out of the app so you can convert it to cash. The earlier you join, the more rewards you will be given.

10. Smiles: Laughing your butt off watching funny videos. It’s impossible to use this app and not have a good time!

So, WatchUGot?

Do any of those ten points listed sound appealing to you? Then go download the WatchUGot app off of the Google Play or App Stores today and start your challenge odyssey. We can’t wait to see WatchUGot!

Website: www.WatchUGot.co
 Apple Download: http://bit.ly/AppleWUG
 Android Download: http://bit.ly/AndroidWUG
 We Challenge YOU!: http://bit.ly/123WatchUGot (Click the link to find out)