SHALOM: Love in the Time of Homeland Security

If you are my age and you grew up reading comics, then Lance​ was one of the folks who​ helped raise you. If you are my age and you read, read about, write, or draw comics, the​n​ Lance is one of your Godfathers. And he is there in the world of books and comics. Woven gently into the details. Lance is an artist. He is a writer. He is an observer and a maker of excellent story. His work, simply, is truth. Each image he creates is its own art piece. The body of Lance’s work as a whole is one of the finest demonstrations of the subtle complexity and nuance of what it takes to even attempt to tell a complete story about who human beings really are​...what we go through. And his focus is breathtaking. Lance’s art for telling a story is a gift to us all. A wise man once said the next level is not somewhere to get to, it is a place to be from. Lance Tooks is from that next next level.

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Lance Tooks lives in New York and Madrid. He merely exists everywhere else.

This link is the progression of SHALOM from Lance’s notebooks to the Internet. Lance starts with notebooks. Look at the natural progression — you will not be disappointed.

To get a better understanding of exactly who Lance Tooks is — one of the folks whose work helped build the very cornerstone of what it means to publish excellence on the web — go here. It is an honor to call him friend.

Thank you for reading.