30 Ways to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

A few small changes can have a significant impact on your office’s environmental footprint.

Going green in the office isn’t as difficult — or costly — as you might think.

With a few simple product swaps and some greener habits, your office will be on its way to earning some serious eco-friendly bragging rights.

1. Go paperless

This tip almost seems trivial given the digital age we now live in. From cloud storage services to digital pay stubs, the need for paper and printers in the workplace has rapidly decreased in past two decades.

Diminish the temptation to print by reducing the amount of printers in your office and donating them to a local school or non-profit organization in need.

2. Unplug

Ever feel like there’s a ghoulish spirit haunting your office after hours? It might just be phantom power.

It’s not enough to simply power down your devices before leaving — power is still being consumed if it’s plugged in. Phantom power, or standby power, can become a huge, unnecessary expense for your company if left unaddressed.

Don’t let phantom power haunt you — remember to unplug your workstation before leaving the office.

3. Install motion-activated light switches

Improve energy efficiency immensely by installing or swapping in motion-activated light switches. These are a particularly great solution for conference rooms, since they are often separated from the central office space and are less frequently used.

Rather than relying on employees to switch-off the lights as they leave or enter, motion-activated lights are human proof: they save energy automatically.

4. Get Bevi

Rescue your office’s beverage budget from the recycling bin.

Get Bevi. This smart water cooler will help you significantly reduce — if not eliminate — the need for plastic bottles and cans in your office. Say goodbye to overflowing recycling bins, and hello to eco-friendly, healthy hydration!

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