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Online and in real life, people like interactions: sharing, commenting, feeling heard. Interactions keep people returning. With this in mind, we created opportunities for Water Reporter administrators to take “Actions” on reports. Now, administrators can make it clear not only that they receive and appreciate the reports submitted by users within their watersheds but also that they’ve taken steps to resolve issues identified.

In this post I will share some insight into our Actions functionality and how Actions appear throughout the Water Reporter platform. The information is useful to administrator and individual users alike.

*Sampling of reports submitted in the Monocacy Watershed on the community map. Some actions have been taken while other remain open.

Who can take an Action?

Only individuals with administrator privileges in Water Reporter can take an action on a report. Administrators are usually linked to organizations that have signed up for a group account. An administrator’s name will be attached to every action that they’ve taken. Not an administrator yet but want to be? Contact to start the process.

How will a user know if an action has been taken?

This brings us back to our original intent keeping users engaged in Water Reporter. When an administrator takes action on a report, the person who submitted the original report will receive a notification email. (Remember to turn on your notifications in your profile settings!)

Why would an administrator take an Action?

What warrants declaring an action taken is left to the discretion of the administrator. Generally, an administrator takes action on a report once a question is answered, a threat is remediated, or a problem is resolved.

The administrator can provide details on the action taken in the comments section through photos or a written description. The comment provides valuable transparency on activities underway and keeps tabs on your own work. Check out this report as a benchmark, they captured lots of valuable information.

How does an administrator take an action?

Any administrator can take action on a report by navigating to the comments section of the report. The administrator can add updates in the comments section or add a photo. When saving the comments, the administrator can choose to “save comment” or “save comment and close report.” If you choose the latter, the Action icon appears associated with the report everywhere across the platform.

How do actions appear across the platform?

Actions on the mobile app:

A small Action icon will replace the comments icon for every report on the mobile news feed. If you click on the report, a certified action banner also appears at the top of the report.

Actions on the website:

An action icon appears next to the user name on the top of the report, replaces the photo within the map pinpoint, and the report is added to the “Recent Actions” navigation bar.

More questions?

We are happy to help answer any more questions you might have about the Actions feature in Water Reporter. Give our team a shout at

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