Manager for Organizations

Checkout Water Reporter’s newest micro-application for organizational Water Reporter users: Manager. This feature for users with administrative privileges makes it easy to organize the stream of reports so things don’t get lost in the shuffle.

The Water Reporter team created Manager to address a need not met by our out-of-the-box platform. We want to give a huge thanks to Economic Development South and the Saw Mill Run Watershed Association for conceiving and funding the creation of this extension.

Prior to Manager, if an administrator wanted to keep tabs on what they were planning to do with a report they either had to rely on the public comments field or create an unattached tracking list of their own creation. Success of these internal, organization created workflows varied from group to group because each constituent had varying degrees of aptitude for data management. This new extension removes the problem. With Manager, anyone with an administrator account can tag and filter reports by date and keep real-time tabs on information flowing into their Water Reporter account. is a stand alone platform for administrators to organize and track activity on their reports.

By using Manager, administrators can categorize their associated reports as open, action needed, or in progress. The status only appears within Manager so that general users in Water Reporter still only see the final result when an action is taken.

The dashboard view lets administrators track the status of all reports associated with their account prior to announcing that action has been taken.

Water Reporter is Purpose Built and Easily Extended

We have a deep appreciation for the diverse missions of every environmental group that joins Water Reporter. The non-prescriptive platform allows organizations of all sizes and missions to collect and share their experiences and learn what’s going on in their watershed. But we also know that a one-size-fits-all approach can leave groups without technological tools critical to their individual goals.

We built our infrastructure to function as an ecosystem of interoperable apps and services. Your needs and ideas are what keep us going! If you have a feature that you want to see integrated as a Water Reporter micro-application, contact us at or send a tweet to WaterReporter to discuss development options.