Chayim Shvarzblat
Feb 18 · 4 min read

In the New Jersey Gallery “New Art House”, was installed an exhibition of watercolor art of the American academic painter Chayim Shvarzblat. At the exhibition, nearly 70 works of this artist are presented, on which, he says, is shown — his Queens.

Chayim Shvarzblat likes pictures of landscapes and portraits, and his greatest inspiration is life itself.

“We painters inspire inspiration in everything, we show life,” says the painter, whose creative spirit never stops, even in moments while waiting to enter the studio. This is testified to by the playful drawing of ink, originated in a nearby café in just five minutes, on which the painter presented a building in the neighborhood of Lakewood. Most of us who are passing by it every day probably would not be able to describe it. Just one glimpse of Shvarzblat’s drawing reveals a lot of details that adorn this old but beautiful building that promotes us on a daily basis.

The drawing is located in a notebook filled with calligraphic notes on impressions from numerous journeys. They are followed by poetic miniatures — drawings in ink and watercolor. It’s about the stuff that leaves you breathless because those drawings speak more than a thousand words. There are people, and nature, and objects that the painter constantly observes, watches, and perceives them with their own feelings, protecting them from oblivion, and breathtakingly poetry that often diminishes their gloomy everyday life. Chayim Shvarzblat is a careful and discerning observer. He creates lines that are both vivid and precise, and sparkling colors produce a game of light and shadow that deepens the meaning and meaning of the scenes.

This American painter is eagerly coming to Lakewood, where he met “a kind, merciful, hospitable and proud people” and gained a lot of good friends. One of them is Michael, a painter who runs a long-standing project “America in watercolor paintings”. Among the results of this project, which includes Chayim Shvarzblat, is “New Jersey album”, a monograph with works of art inspired by areas and people in New Jersey.

Chayim Shvarzblat is an eternal traveler who loves to visit his native Queens, but also other parts of the world. It is the best at home, where, he says, he always returns to gather energy from the country where he grew up. As an artist, he was formed in Kingwood, near Delaware River. This is a beautiful place in which, as Shvarzblat describes, live very hardworking and very musical people, enchanted by the power of the great river.

The masterpiece of this painter is also reflected in his ability to create watercolors in front of the audience. Shvarzblat explains that, while recording the scene in front of him, the most commonly dead nature, hears every breath from the audience, is aware of every movement of his observer, and can absorb feelings that fill the space, transmitting those emotional streams to his works.

“I started to paint very long ago. I travel a lot, and the watercolor is mobile and it is very easy to transfer the impression and atmosphere, without having to return the painting again. Watercolor allows you to capture the moment in nature, the man’s mood. The faster the transfer, the emotions and the atmosphere are better represented,” told us the painter.

Our interlocutor inherited his talent from his father, who was a self-taught painter.

“My father left behind a lot of picturesque paintings. Because he died young, I wanted to save his creativity from oblivion. He also wrote verses, drama … I restored his heritage and kept it in the house where I was born and raised. I also built a creative home for my friends, who can come and work there. There is also an exhibition hall, where artistic creativity is presented. So what left behind my father got its meaning,” says Shvarzblat.

Chayim Shvarzblat actively participates in projects of the New York gallery “Golden dance” that nurtures the tradition of a realistic school.

“Our school of painting is very diverse. For example, if you look at works at the American Watercolor Society Gallery, you see that American painting has evolved on the foundations of creators such as Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Charles Demuth, Edward Hopper and many others. From there came New York creators like Rothko, Pollock. And that continues even today. I am one of those painters who love watercolor art. I have no need to express it, but I do not see anything else that would be a guideline for the path I am walking,” concludes Chayim Shvarzblat.

Watercolor Art

About Watercolor Art. Presentation of the work from proven painters. Watercolor, but also other painting methods.

Chayim Shvarzblat

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Watercolor Art

About Watercolor Art. Presentation of the work from proven painters. Watercolor, but also other painting methods.

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