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BSC x Waterfall DeFi Early Users Airdrop!

After being announced as the October Monthly Stars of Binance Smart Chain, we are pleased to let you, our dear #WTFGang community knows that we are having an early mainnet users airdrop event in collaboration officially with Binance Smart Chain!

The airdrop event is meant for rewarding our early adopters of the initial Mainnet release of Waterfall DeFi, as long as you have deposited more than or equal to $500 BUSD into our risk tranching product — the BUSD Falls, you will be eligible to share the prize pool of $15,000 worth of $WTF tokens as a courtesy from the team for your support and faith on our project!

Early users airdrop details:

Period: 24 Nov 15:00 UTC — 25 Nov 23:59 UTC (while stock lasts — there’s a TVL limit!)
Eligibility: Depositing $500 BUSD or more into any of our available BUSD Falls’ tranches within the period!
Rewards: A pool of $15,000 worth of $WTF tokens will be split across eligible depositors!

BUSD Falls 1 estimated APRs:

Senior: 6% (Extra Covered + Fixed Returns)
Mezzanine: 10.5% (Covered + Fixed Returns)
Junior: 41% (Leveraged + Variable Returns)

All yields coming natively from our partnering farms Alpaca and Venus currently ranked #2 & #4 in TVL on BSC!


Q: How do I make a deposit?
A: Please refer to the user guide here, and it will guide you on using our mainnet products.

Q: I deposited into the BUSD Falls on 17 Nov. Will I be eligible for this early user airdrop?
A: No. Only the depositors of the BUSD Falls 1 during 24 Nov 15:00 UTC to 25 Nov 23:59 UTC will be eligible for the airdrop! However the team can assure you that you will be included in the retroactive airdrop programme later, and you could also participate in this special event in collaboration with BSC to get even more rewards!

Q: What exactly is tranching? I want to do some research before apeing in!
A: Essentially through tranching we slice yield returns into categories of risk and return. With Waterfall you can choose to get a covered investment which the yield is stable, or leveraged farming which the yield is often higher than what you can get in normal farms however they are more volatile — you may click into this article we have written for an in-depth explainer of risk tranching in DeFi.



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