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Waterfall DeFi Development Updates #4


Waterfall Gang, we’re back with another developer update — our second since IEO! First and foremost, thank you for your astounding response to our Mainnet release. We were oversubscribed to the brim and our tranches got full in the blink of an eye. But it doesn’t stop there. In this update, we’ll report more on tranches, staking, and recap everything else that happened at the DeFi Falls past month!

Tranches Fully Subscribed & More Pools To Come

It’s all good news from our end; our tranches reached the $3 Million limit in a snap. In response, we will be looking to further raise the protocol TVL limit beyond $5 million so more users can avail of our revolutionary self-adjusting tranches for optimum returns. What’s more, we’re also looking to add more pools in the coming weeks and are formulating and internally testing new product strategies. The future is bright!

Staking & Mining Is Coming

Governance staking is considered the cornerstone of DeFi and we intend to implement it really soon for our native token, $WTF. Not only are we working towards native $WTF staking via the Vote Escrowed WTF model that’s similar to what Curve.Fi and Frax Finance is doing, we’re also building liquidity mining pools for our WTF-BNB DEX LP pairs. Token utility is at the top of our agenda, and we believe staking is a win-win for our protocol and community.

A sneak peek of the Waterfall Staking front-end!

BSC Builder Of The Month!

We’re also happy to report that Waterfall DeFi stood loud and proud with our marketing efforts since launch. First, we were listed as Binance Smart Chain’s most valuable builder last month, we completed an explosive airdrop campaign for early users and still have a retroactive airdrop programme upcoming, details will be released via a separate announcement soon!

Growing Our Community by 50%!

As we have reiterated many times, our core focus at Waterfall DeFi is community. And in a bid to spread the word about Waterfall, we continue to do AMAs with some of the most engaged communities in crypto, here’s where we were answering questions this month: Titans Ventures, BSC Daily, Official BSC India, and Grenade Chinese.

Our AMA’s reaped significant results and we saw a whopping 50% increase in followers in November when compared to October!

Partnerships..? 👀

DeFi is all about the spirit of Aping, so it only makes sense to partner with ApeSwap — one of the leading farms on BSC. But Waterfall DeFi won’t stop there, we’ll announce more partnerships in the near future…perhaps first with one of the other Layer-1s? 👀

Apes Stronger Together!

And that marks the end of development updates #4. To see what we’re up to, please bookmark Waterfall DeFi’s website, follow us on Twitter, and join our communities on Telegram and Discord!



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