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Waterfall DeFi is now LIVE!

After months of development and anticipation, Waterfall DeFi is now LIVE on Binance Smart Chain Mainnet!


In our previous update, we mentioned we have been performing final testing of our first product: the BUSD Falls. We’re happy to announce that the day has finally come — Waterfall DeFi is now LIVE on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Mainnet!

Access our Mainnet here: http://app.waterfalldefi.org/

On APR per tranche and TVL Details:

Waterfall DeFi users can enjoy protected or leveraged returns via our true risk tranching product on BSC by depositing on either the Senior, Mezzanine, or Junior tranche. To recap, Senior tranches offer the most stable and predictable (fixed) returns, while Junior tranches provide more volatile but lucrative leveraged returns; mezzanine tranches sit in the middle and are a relative value play between risk and reward.

In our bid to be the first yield aggregator that brings true risk tranching to DeFi, we’re going to initially limit the maximum total value locked to $1 million. Over time we will increase the limit as our user base grows. To begin, Waterfall DeFi’s first product — BUSD Falls 1 will offer the following estimated APRs:
Senior: 5.5% (Extra Protected + Fixed Returns)
Mezzanine: 8.5% (Protected + Fixed Returns)
Junior: 65% (Leveraged + Variable Returns)

Remember, as a yield aggregator, the BUSD Falls’ returns do not come from us, but instead are all coming natively from our partnering farms Alpaca Finance and Venus as we build our tranches on top of them that are currently ranked #2 and #4 in TVL on BSC!

Users can deposit on either of the following tranches based on their risk tolerance. Do note, the product maturity (for ALL tranches) is a fixed duration of 7 days, which means once users funds have been deposited and deployed, users cannot withdraw until maturity. Users will be able to withdraw once the 7 days cycle is completed. Mainnet user guide is available here that will walk you our dApp from 0 to 100.

Airdrop, Token Rewards?

Good news! There will be a retroactive airdrop of $WTF tokens as a reward to the early users who support our launch. The airdrop will be commenced around the time when our staking program will go live — additional details, including the rules and timing of which will be announced soon.


Yes, Waterfall DeFi’s Mainnet contracts have been fully audited by Slowmist with a low risk rating. However we always advise our users to do your own research before deploying your capital into our tranches and farm responsibly.

Click here to access our Audit report.

About Waterfall DeFi

Waterfall DeFi is a decentralized protocol that brings true risk tranching to the DeFi landscape. Leveraging the protocol’s portfolio diversification and risk tranching feature, we will provide the community an efficient alternative to optimize their yield farming strategies.

To stay updated, please bookmark Waterfall DeFi’s official website, follow us on Twitter, and join our communities on Telegram and Discord!



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