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Waterfall Development Updates #5


Good day, Waterfall Gang!

We’re back after a month of hard work to announce a number of exciting changes coming to the Waterfall DeFi platform. Since our last roadmap update, the team has come up and pushed forward with several exciting features that we’re thrilled to share with you today. Ready?

Let’s get started.

Waterfall is Multi-Chain!

Earlier this week, we launched Waterfall DeFi’s first products on Avalanche — hereby officially embarking on our multi-chain journey. We will have 3 products available for users to start: two backed by single-sided lending pools Trader Joe and Benqi, while the last incorporates the OHM-fork protocol Maximizer which brings additional yield (and risk, of course) to our users who seek more volatile plays. Don’t miss out the opportunity to use this new launch to leverage farm with your stable coin ($DAI) to earn some attractive returns!

Safe, fixed deposits and degen yields for your DAI on AVAX!

For more details about the product, click here.

New Product Leak👀

While expanding into the AVAX chain, we’ve been building out products for the BNB coin, and looking to introduce a new set of Bull/Bear products by the end of the month on BNB Chain (previously BSC). The products will tap into the Farm pool mechanism on Alpaca Finance, and allow users to leverage farm based on their prediction of the market status (Bullish or Bearish) in the next 7 days. We are very excited for this product and will announce its launch and relevant information to the community in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Bullish or Bearish? Speculate and earn more yield with your BNB tranched from Alpaca!

Features Update Coming

Several new features will be introduced this month to the current product suite that improve user experience. As suggested in our roadmap, support for multi-currency deposits, as well as auto-rolling functionality (the ability to automatically roll over your deposit from the previous cycle to the next cycle) will soon be launched.

We are working on some final testing!

Upcoming Governance Options

Ever since the staking contract went live, we have seen over 1.5M veWTF converted from our WTF holders. Our first governance option for veWTF holders would be to determine the distribution of the protocol fee — whether it’s to be distributed back to veWTF holders or to be used to buy back WTF tokens, we’ll hold a vote for users to participate, so stay tune and stake your WTF to get a say on the future of the protocol!

For more details about Waterfall DeFi and our latest updates, bookmark Waterfall DeFi’s website, follow us on Twitter, and join our communities on Telegram and Discord.



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