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Waterfall Staking is now LIVE!

Stake WTF now to enjoy up to 150% APR!

We are pleased to announce the release of our Mainnet staking module. Through locking up your WTF holdings for veWTF (vote-escrowed WTF), you receive a constant flow of staking rewards. Besides staking rewards, veWTF will be the default token for governance voting once Waterfall DAO is setup.

Stake & Lock: here

User Guide: here

The Vote Escrow Economy

Giving credit where it’s due, the idea of veWTF is not originated from us but instead by the Curve Finance team. It was further adopted by other DeFi protocols, such as Frax and soon-to-be Yearn. To obtain veWTF, you will need to lock up your WTF holdings at a minimum of three months to a maximum of 2 years. The longer you lock up your WTF, the greater share of staking rewards and governance power you will endow. Your veWTF holding will give you voting rights in future governance proposals.

Rewards and Voting Weights Calculations

Rewards come in two parts: WTF and protocol fees.

WTF rewards can be claimed continuously, that means every block there will be new rewards accumulated to your account, and you can claim the rewards at any time.

Protocol fees are accrued as each of our tranche products matures.. The fees from our products will be sent to our treasury escrow account, and further released to our staking contract through a governance proposal should the fees be distributed by a vote.

A Better Tokenomics

The new staking module with veWTF will enable lockups of WTF and decelerate the emission schedule of WTF. While we are currently providing a model of WTF + protocol fees rewards, we aspire to gradually decrease the WTF incentives as our protocol fees grows with more tranching products being adopted by the community. The future governance module will also introduce gauges for our DAO voters to redirect WTF emissions to different tranche products that taps into farms/lending vaults/liquidity pools. This also implies that protocol-level bribes can be made to veWTF holders to incentivize voting to specific yield tranching products at Waterfall, should they want more TVL to their protocols. We will continue to improve the Waterfall Tokenomics to limit the sell pressure on the supply side, while ultimately decentralizing the ownership of the protocol to the DeFi community.

Our Endgame — become the WTF blackhole

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