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What has Waterloop been up to?

St. Mary’s High School STEM Innovation Week

On Friday March 2nd, a group of Waterloop members visited St. Mary’s High School for their STEM Innovation Week. We had a great time inspiring young minds!

Western’s Future View 2018 Conference

Our very own Chawthri Kanagarasa spoke at Future View Conference hosted by Western University. Chawthri got to share insights he’s gained from his experience on the team and educate students on the emerging technologies in transportation.

U of T EXCITE Conference

Technical Director Deep Dhillon and Sponsorship Lead Nicholas Jelich joined a panel discussion with auToronto, U of T’s self-driving car team, to talk about innovation in the transportation industry.

Upcoming Events

Come check us out at CUTC 2018 and True North right here in Waterloo this May!

See you there!
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