The Applications of the Hyperloop

When one considers the hyperloop, one might think about the convenience it would bring into their lives. Whether it opens up the possibility for a cross-provincial student to go home for the weekend, or makes that hour-long commute to work a matter of minutes, the consumer benefits of the hyperloop will be endless. However, beyond how it will help you and me directly, the Hyperloop will open up new spheres in logistics.

The ultra-fast capabilities of the Hyperloop will not only be used for human transport. In fact, it is likely that the first few years of the Hyperloop will be strictly reserved for the distribution of goods. This will allow the Hyperloop to be tested and optimized prior to personal transportation applications.

The impact this will have on various industries will be immeasurable. Cross-country deliveries will be able to done in hours without the monetary and time cost that comes with flight-based transportation. Given the time and cost savings, producers will be able to increase their potential to deliver goods, overall boosting their potential production rates overall. The implementation of the ultra-fast transportation system will bring along with it an ultra-fast economy that will transform the way we deliver goods on the ground.

More in the realm of personal and consumer use, one major benefactor of the Hyperloop will be rural communities that have limited access to amenities such as medical facilities. Once the hyperloop is tested and a building plan is implemented, rural communities such as these will be better connected, which will bring many accompanying benefits to the livelihood of individuals and society overall.

Given all of the incredible benefits that they Hyperloop will bring, Waterloop’s determination to make it a reality grows with every new design and competition. Our goal or achieving the hyperloop dream and putting Canada at the forefront of high-speed terrestrial transportation keeps us motivated, and that motivation has kept us in the running as the only fully-Canadian Hyperloop team.

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