Top Ten Reasons to Join Waterloop

While many of you may have been following our journey and keeping up with our growing list of achievements, it might be easy to overlook the people behind Waterloop’s success.

While many of you may have been following our journey and keeping up with our growing list of achievements, it might be easy to overlook the people behind Waterloop’s success.

Behind every pod design, competition, event, and media post, is a team of dedicated UW students. The best thing about all of this? You could be one of them, and while you may know the value you could bring to the team, you might be wondering what it is that YOU can get from US. So, let me sum it up for you in ten points:

1| Explore Your Talents and Interests

While working on the Waterloop team, you will not only be able to apply your strengths to a specific team or subsection, but also be given the opportunity to explore areas of interests by working with other teams. When you join Waterloop, you aren’t bound to a single position, and are actually encouraged to engage with and help other teams and projects that interest you!

2| Meet Like-Minded Individuals

If you are willing to spend your limited free time as a student to contribute to a project like the Hyperloop, it is likely that you are a very dedicated and hardworking individual. This can be said for all members of Waterloop, and being part of the team means that you will get to meet a lot of people who share similar interests/ideal, both inside and outside of the Hyperloop project.

3| Contribute to a Greater Cause

The Hyperloop is not only a super cool and dream-like mode of transportation; it is technology that will change the way we function as a society, and can help people in ways greater than we can even envision currently. To be a part of that great change would be rewarding beyond words, and your contributions to Waterloop, both big and small, will be a part of that change.

4| Beef Up Your Resume

You know what employers love above all else? Initiative — initiative to involve yourself with Waterloop and expand your skills! Being part of a team of nearly 100 students who are all working towards the ambitious goal of actualizing the Hyperloop is greatly impressive, and potential employers will love the skills that you develop while part of the team!

5| Make Friends

Waterloop is not just a place to network with other students, it’s also a great place to meet some great friends. You’ll be working alongside some amazing people, so it’s only natural that you will connect with some of them and develop long-lasting friendships!

6| Industry Exposure

While you’ll be developing skills relevant to the industry, be they on the tech or admin side, you will also be given the opportunity to expose yourself to the industry through events. Waterloop often attends and hosts events to engage with the industry and outside community, and Waterloop members are always encouraged to join in on the fun!

7| Connect with Local and Multinational Companies

Something that can be commonly overlooked with a project like the Hyperloop is cost. The reality is that it costs money to design and build our pods and keep the project running. To cover these costs, we get help from our amazing Sponsors. From local sponsors like Communitch to multinationals such as PayPal and Deloitte, the chance to connect with representatives from these companies is always a possibility.

8| Free…Pizza?!
Speaking of our sponsors, did you know that Domino’s Pizza sponsors us? That means we get pizza, free of charge, for our weekly meetings. Sometimes, you need a nice, big slice of meat lover’s to refuel and get your work done!

9| The Chance to Meet the Man Himself

I’m talking about Elon Musk, of course! In one of the last competitions, some of our team leads actually got to converse and pitch the Waterloop Pod to Elon himself!

10| Make the Hyperloop Dream a Reality

Lastly, you can be the difference between making the Hyperloop a reality versus just a pipe dream. Your efforts, even the tiniest of them, can make the difference and make Waterloop the reigning Hyperloop team, bringing the project and all of it’s benefits into Canada’s grasp!

So, keep your eyes peeled for the next time applications open up and come be a part of something big!