Welcome to Waterloop’s Blog

Please fasten your seat belt, we are in for a fun ride

What is Waterloop?

We are a team of ambitious students from the University of Waterloo competing in SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competition. We are proud to represent Canada at the global stage and bring everything we learn back to our school and community.

Our Pod

With no time to spare, lets take a look at our pod!

Goose II captured at the small test track in Sedra Student Design Centre on campus of University of Waterloo. 2017
Oh what a beauty she is… With air bearings for levitation, a completely friction-less propulsion system, fiber-glass shell and powerful suspension system, you are in for a smooth, but fast ride.

Why did we join Medium?

Giving back

We are participating in one of the most exciting student competitions in the world and we want to share our experiences. We have learned a lot over the past few years and we want to share our knowledge with everyone to educate people about the technology. We will be using this Medium account to post about the discoveries that we make in building our pod and in Hyperloop technology as a whole.

Sharing our progress and achievements

We want to show off our work as a team as well as individual accomplishments of some of our members. We know that many people want to see what is happening inside the team, after all, we are building technology of tomorrow and people want to get to stay in the loop (no pun intended) with what we do.

Here come more pictures!

Presenting Goose 2 at SpaceX competition weekend in Hawthorne, California (2017)
Entire team at Competition II holding a Canadian flag in front of SpaceX’s vacuum test track (2017)
SpaceX showing off Goose II at the main screen at the Competition II (2017)

This article is really just a preview of what is to come, please follow us for more exciting posts!