#WaterStories: GRID MICHAL

#WaterStories is inspired by the work of the Town Creek Foundation; this series seeks to demonstrate that being connected to and concerned about the water near your home is a human instinct. In the wake of the Flint, MI disaster, the California droughts, and the historically poor water quality on First Nations reservations throughout America, now is the time to raise our voices about water and our overall wellness.

What is your happiest memory involving a naturally occurring body of water (lake, river, ocean)?

As a marine engine tech, my favorite memory involves taking The Motor Nurse out one evening, seeing how clear the water is now, as opposed to when I was growing up, then returning without being towed in.

Are you able to enjoy the bodies of water near where you live? If not, please describe what factors are preventing more activity.

My boating clients come first, so my boating time is ​relegated to late fall, maybe a short run in the spring. To that extent, I get to enjoy our waters.

Water is a huge part of our human experience on the planet, what are your major concerns about the natural bodies of water in your area?

My major concerns right now are agricultural run-off and unburned fuel from engines that are not in proper running condition.

Grid Michal and MaryLou Kerr are The Motor Doctor and Nurse of Urbanna, Virginia.

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