5 No-Fail Marketing Tips to Engage Baby Boomer Consumers

Baby boomers are a primary target for companies in the dietary supplement industry. However, targeting this population with an effective marketing strategy presents some challenges you might not experience with other age demographics. The good news is that providers have the opportunity to earn business for a lifetime if their marketing efforts are successful.

The following is a look at several no-fail tips for engaging baby boomer consumers with impactful marketing.

Cultivate Brand Trust

Building trust with baby boomers isn’t just important to driving purchase decisions; it helps you achieve brand loyalty and optimized lifetime customer value. This generation is known for their willingness to commit to companies and brands that prove useful, credible and beneficial.

A recent marketing study revealed that 44 percent of baby boomers buy the same product consistently and 33 percent are more likely to purchase from companies they trust.

The following are some key strategies to build trust with boomers:

  • Communicate openly and transparently and your company and products
  • Follow-through on product commitments and customer experiences
  • Leverage positive word-of-mouth through testimonials and brand influencer campaigns
  • Commit to quality control and quality assurance functions which allow you to consistently create top-quality products.

Engage in the Right Ways

Engagement is just as important to effectively targeting baby boomers as it is other generations. However, strategies that work with younger age groups don’t necessarily work on this crowd.

A lot of boomers are active on Facebook, so awareness campaigns may help you expand your reach. However, this groups tends to trust people in their personal network and offline product test results more than social media campaigns. Thus, promoting the benefits of a product won’t likely work in an Instagram post.

Consider live-event marketing, in-store demonstrations and print campaigns with powerful testimonials to engage this group of consumers for quick purchase decisions.

Understand Current Market Trends

Spend some time on market research to learn the trends affecting your industry and marketplace. The language you use matters because baby boomer consumers pay attention to common words and phrases they recognize as valuable to their purchase decisions.

Just like millennials and other generations, baby boomers look for foods and nutrients that help them achieve optimum lifestyle functioning and activity levels. They read supplement facts labels. Know which ingredients are currently popular to boomers and why!

Customize Your Products and Your Message

The more you are able to customize your products to meet the needs of a particular marketplace, the greater your ability to differentiate through marketing. The good news in the supplement industry is that you don’t have to do everything alone. Partnering with a manufacturer of specialty nutrient systems and drum-to-hopper blends, like Watson, is a way to separate your company from the crowded field of providers.


Baby boomers aren’t necessarily the easiest audience to please, but if you stay current on their interests and needs and communicate effectively, you have the ability to garner trust. When you earn trust from this loyal consumer segment and consistently deliver quality supplement products that meet customer needs, you can enhance lifetime customer value.

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Originally published at blog.watson-inc.com.

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