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Insights for our Isle of Dogs social campaign

Tearing Open the Bags

Early preview of the rig next to the reference scene.
The bag is made of 3 separate meshes.
Blender’s Decimate modifier
threejs exporter settings

Texturing and Lightning

Left: bag AO on 2 channels. Center: item diffuse and AO in alpha channel.


All the bags, after post-processing, rendered in a browser.

Interacting with the Bag

Design for the initial and final steps of the interaction.
Left: Triangle mask drawn using SDF functions. Right: The single texture used for the dog page.
Calculating UVs for the dog background.

Adding a Bit More Interaction

Gyroscope micro interaction.

Putting It in Motion

Preloading the Trash

The dog view loads in the background while the user interacts with the bag, and so on.


See it live, get some treats: dailyscraps.dog



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