Sadly Ever After

Praise God!


Zamani nilikuwa nikiiba lakini sasa nimeokoka! Niliacha wizi na sasa Mungu amenibariki na biashara yangu!


Praise God!


Zamani nilikuwa nalala na bibi za watu lakini sasa nimeokoka! Mungu amenisamehe na sasa nimebadilika kabisa!Hata nimempata msichana wa kumuoa!


We love the miraculous, the rags-to-riches, grass-to-grace kind of story. No wonder Telemundo keeps on churning out what is basically the same soap — rich girl/boy falls for poor boy/girl and despite a trillion obstacles it all works out in the end.

But we know the truth, that these are the rare cases. We know some woman’s son will one day be lynched by a mob when his 40 days are over. We know of that person who prays and prays for a business to succeed but it collapses instead.

Anyway, nobody wants the dark testimony. We want beauty and light and happily-ever-afters.

That’s why I was so moved this past Sunday. She stood up in front of the mega-church. As usual, that service was packed to capacity, hundreds of people in all. A video played behind her on the big screen, detailing the story of the son that she gave birth to and a medical condition that caused him to live in agony for two years. She went public with her story, Kenyans raised money for her son to get treatment. They flew to India, he woke up miraculously from a two-month coma and she came back home victorious, determined to raise the money for the next phase of treatment in the US. The video ended here and she took over.

At this point her husband had left — their son’s sickness and all that it entailed, especially the financial stress — had become too much for him to bear. No matter, she determined to be his father and his mother, as she said in her moving testimony, for him not to miss out on a single ounce of love and care because his father had left. The money was coming in slowly, much too slowly. One day baby choked and died. Two years of pain and prayers later, he was gone.

She told of how she lost her faith in God, contemplated suicide, cursed God and became extremely bitter. And then she told of her meeting with one of the pastors from the church and how she began to believe again. The one thing she said that touched me deeply, was that she believed God had answered her prayer. She asked that her baby be healed completely, and God took him to a place where there would be no more tears, pain, disease or sorrow.

That story will stay on my mind and in my heart, to be turned over and examined when I am going through my own dark times, to encourage me.

Sometimes we need to hear the sadly-ever-afters.