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1000Blocks Presale Details

Wault Launchpad’s fifth presale of 1000Blocks’ BLS token is coming soon. Below, we’ll outline what you need to know about 1000Blocks and the presale process in order to gain access to this exclusive offer.

Presale Procedure

The whitelisting application form is now online and will remain open for the following 72 hours, until 3PM UTC on Sunday, August 29th, 2021.

->>> Apply here

This presale will only be available to WAULTx token holders who are staking their tokens in our 30-day Locked Staking Pool, as long as they whitelist through the above form. Everyone who owns and stakes WAULTx can receive an allocation spot, but the maximum allocated amounts will vary based on the total number of qualifying submissions for whitelisting.

->>> Stake

The more people that apply, the lower the minimum 1x allocation will be. However, you can gain up to 15x allocation depending on how many tokens you own. You can find more details on how the allocation multipliers work here: https://medium.com/waultfinance/announcing-our-5th-launchpad-presale-1000blocks-ef73b717733d

Once the whitelisting form closes on Sunday, over the following 24 hours, we will do a random snapshot of our vaults, verifying how many tokens you are staking.

On Monday, August 30th, we will release the list of whitelisted addresses along with their allocations.

At 3PM UTC on Tuesday, August 31st, the 1000Blocks presale will open on our LaunchPad at Wault.Finance. You’ll be able to purchase tokens up to your individual max allocations via our website below:


There will be a hardcap of 200 000 WUSD but there will be an allocation of 240 000 WUSD to avoid under-subscription. That also means that to a degree, it will be first come first serve. Only the first 200k WUSD for the hardcap will get filled. Once it’s filled, no more presale purchases of BLS will be possible. The presale price will be 0.0298 WUSD per BLS.

At 3PM UTC on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021, BLS will list on WSwap. The Listing Price will be 0.033 WUSD for 1 BLS . The seed LPs for BLS-WUSD will be locked in Wault Locker for 1 year.

Tokenomics for BLS

A total of 18.06Mn BLS tokens will be circulating at launch with a hardcap of 42Mn, of which the majority of the remainder will be distributed as rewards.

Market Cap at listing will be 534K$.

2% — Seed Sale (840 000)

4% — Private sale (1 680 000)

16% — IDO (6 720 000)

12% — WSwap Liquidity (5 040 000)

9% — Marketing & Partnerships Fund(3 780 000)

42% — Rewards Mining (17 640 000)

10% — Team & Operations (4 200 000 —6 month vesting)

5% — WPool Liquidity (2 100 000)

This will be our LaunchPad’s fifth presale and we’re very excited to have 1000Blocks as our first NFT project, looking forward to their developments in this intriguing space. Their take is compelling, combining NFTs, advertising, community and art in a unique way. Furthermore, the NFT space is one that’s generating interest from various segments inside and outside crypto, and this trend is continuously growing. So we’re anticipating 1000Blocks’ growth. Join us on that journey!

1000Blocks official communication links:



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