Announcing Another LaunchPad Presale —!

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3 min readApr 30, 2021


Although we only just announced the presale for Holder.Finance last week, we’re already announcing another presale even before that one has started, and just like Holder, Investin is also a project with great potential!

Introducing Investin

Investin is an onramp for traditional finance participants to get into the world of DeFi. It provides a decentralized platform where traders and investors can interact in a trustless way without having to give away custody of their assets, making the investing experience frictionless and safe for everyone.

The protocol allows fund managers to deploy the smart contracts to create their funds, and for clients to invest in those managed funds, where the assets are held in vaults in a non-custodial way that guarantees no one except the investor themselves would be able to withdraw them at any time. Meanwhile, those funds could be traded for profit by either those fund managers, or automated systems using state of the art algorithms which analyze markets for the strongest profit signals. The protocol then connects the trades to decentralized AMMs with deep liquidity, providing excellent execution.

Through these mechanisms, fund managers and strategy creators have an easy way to receive investment, and investors have a secure place to invest their funds. The protocol makes investing safe and easy, removing the anxieties of every potential investor about losing assets.

In fact, Investin’s protection goes even further. The smart contracts have a built-in max drawdown guard that tracks each vault on an hourly basis to see if any fund performs below a reasonable loss limit, freezing it if such an event occurs. This helps the protocol protect investors from fund strategies that are too high-risk, giving investors an extra safety net. The fund managers also don’t earn performance fees until their funds achieve a minimum-set profits for investors, making sure everyone benefits.

Presale Signup

Only WAULT or WAULTx holders who are staking inside of Wault.Finance will be eligible to whitelist for this presale. The maximum allocation for each person will vary by the amount of tokens they are staking in the 30-day lockup pool (as mentioned in the following article, for this presale, the 30-day WAULT-BNB pool will NOT have access). You can find more details on the allocation here:

Everyone who holds the minimum amount of tokens as per the previous article will have an opportunity to whitelist for the presale. We’ll be announcing the dates for whitelisting, the presale, and token listing in an upcoming article.

As always with our LaunchPad projects, you can also feel relieved that this will be safe. The team will lock the LP tokens for the listing in Wault Locker for 3 months. The code has also been audited by RD Auditors. Finally, our team at Wault has thoroughly vetted Investin as we do will with all featured presale projects. So rest assured, you can invest safely with us.

Details on the Investin presale hardcap amount, price, tokenomics, and more will be released soon.’s official communication links: