Announcing LaunchPad’s Second Presale — Euler.Tools!

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4 min readMar 29, 2021


Coming off the back of a monumental presale for that went over 30x, it hasn’t even been a month but we’re already bringing you something new, and we’re just as excited for this one. Let us introduce you to — Euler.Tools!

Introducing Euler

Euler Tools is a clean, simple, and intelligent UI to explore and discover blockchain content.

The platform consists of a powerful and customizable block explorer with decentralized exchange tools, allowing you to:

• Compare tokens, check volumes, addresses, holders, and minting/burning rates

• Create alerts on prices and events, or get notified of rug pulls that might affect your assets

• Connect all your wallets to one interface and get enriched data

How does Euler do its magic?

Euler will consist of a cluster of nodes for every network, with built observers on top of them, extracting all relevant data and processing it. Using a combination of ETL, Data Pipelines, and Machine Learning technologies, Euler will filter and cleanup the results in order to deliver only relevant events. The platform will also aggregate data from multiple reliable sources, including the contract internal transactions, to eliminate bayesian distortion.

About EULER token

EULER tokens can be used for both utility and investment.

In terms of utility, the team created a subscription system that unlocks professional features on the platform.

As an investment, the token also includes a powerful deflationary mechanism, burning 1% of each transaction, which will lead to constant upwards price pressure. Rewards can also be accrued by staking tokens in Euler’s partners’ vaults.

Presale Signup Details

Only WAULT holders who are staking inside of Wault.Finance will be eligible to whitelist for this presale. The maximum allocation for each person will vary by both the amount of WAULT they are staking and in which pool they are staking in. More details on the allocation tiers can be found here:

Everyone who holds the minimum amount of tokens as per the previous article will have an opportunity to whitelist for the presale. The form for whitelisting will become available at 3 PM UTC on Tuesday, March 30st, 2021. Once the form is online, WAULT stakers will have 72 hours to fill it to out to secure their whitelisting spots.

Once applications for whitelisting close on Friday, April 2nd, we will take two random snapshots over the following 48 hours, verifying each holder’s WAULT amount and which pool they are staking in.

The whitelisting results will be announced on Sunday, and at 3 PM UTC on Monday, April 5th, the presale will happen.

Then, the listing on PancakeSwap will occur on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021.

Keep in mind, holders will only be allowed to stake in one pool for allocation calculations. We will use the longest lockup pool you are staked in to determine your allocation. So if you are in both the 30-day and 7-day lockup pools, only the 30-day pool will count towards your allocation. The lockup LP pool will also be selected over the 30-day lockup WAULT pool.

The LP tokens for the IDO will be locked in Wault Locker (Locker.Wault.Finance), along with the team tokens. An audit will also be scheduled with a reputable firm. Finally, the team at Wault has thoroughly vetted Euler as we will with all featured presale projects. So rest assured, you can invest safely with us.

More details on the Euler presale hardcap amount, price, tokenomics and more will be released soon.

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What is Wault Finance?

Wault Finance is a decentralized finance hub that plans to connect all the primary DeFi use-cases within one simple ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. We believe the benefits of DeFi should be accessible to the masses but in an intuitive way; avoiding the expensive fees, confusing interfaces, and centralized decision-making of many current platforms. So with these goals in mind, we’ve built a protocol with some unique features we believe will amplify the power of wealth-accumulation for our users.

In addition, we believe in open and decentralized governance. That’s why WAULT token holders will be able to vote on and decide all aspects of the protocol’s future development path. Every developer is also welcome to work on and contribute to our open-source code. Come join the movement and help us advance DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain!

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