Announcing LaunchPad’s Third Presale — Holder Finance!

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3 min readApr 23, 2021


There’s a lot going on at Wault: a migration to a cleaner token WAULTX, the launch of our new AMM WSwap with its representative token WEX, and now, we’re finally announcing it — our third presale! Say hello, to Holder Finance!

Introducing Holder Finance

Holder is a secure & innovative platform that connects the primary DEXes in one platform and enhances their features. It aims to solve some of the most common problems affecting DeFi users today such as bad usability on the popular DEXes and high gas fees. In particular, we’re excited about its solution to gas fees while trading on ETH, and for another feature as well — limit orders! Yet, what’s unique about these limit orders is that they work not only on Ethereum, but also BSC!

That’s right, Holder is also cross-chain! At the moment, the platform works with Ethereum and BSC, but soon, even more networks will be available including Tron, Fantom & Binance blockchain. This is a platform that’s going to be useful for traders everywhere!

At a higher level, Holder’s goal is to provide a comfortable and secure ecosystem for traders to make profits in the simplest manner. That’s why wIth Holder, you’ll even be able to engage in automated arbitrage across dexes!

Yet, that’s not all. Holder even includes additional features such as an OTC Desk 100% managed on-chain and audited by CTDsec. So, in summary, if you’re a DeFi trader, whether a professional or a beginner, Holder will have everything you need to make profits without all the hassle.

About Holder Finance’s tokens: HFI and HFS

HFI’s ecosystem consists of two tokens: HFI and HFS.

• HFI is the store of value token

• HFS is the reward token of the ecosystem


HFI is the primary token and has several uses:

• Storing and distributing the value generated by Holder Finance’s network to HFI holders

• Enabling decentralized governance of the ecosystem


HFS is the utility and currency token that rewards users for participating in the network:

• Used as a reward/medium of payment

  • Follows an elastic supply model
  • Genesis mining of HFI token

Presale Signup

Only WAULT or WAULTX holders who are staking inside of Wault.Finance will be eligible to whitelist for this presale. The maximum allocation for each person will vary by the amount of tokens they are staking in the 30-day lockup pool (as mentioned in the following article, for this presale, the 30-day WAULT-BNB pool will also have access). You can find more details on the allocation here:

Everyone who holds the minimum amount of tokens as per the previous article will have an opportunity to whitelist for the presale. We’ll be announcing the dates for whitelisting, the presale, and token listing in an upcoming article.

As always with our LaunchPad projects, you can also feel relieved that this will be safe. The team will burn the LP tokens for the listing so there will be no chance of a rugpull. The code has also been audited by CTDsec. Finally, our team at Wault has thoroughly vetted Holder as we do will with all featured presale projects. So rest assured, you can invest safely with us.

Details on the Holder presale hardcap amount, price, tokenomics, and more will be released soon.

Holder Finance official communication links: