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Announcing Our 5th Launchpad Presale: 1000Blocks!

It’s been a long Summer with this extended market correction. However, the market is now strong again and it’s time to get back to doing presales!

So today we’re announcing our 5th Launchpad project, another chance for you WAULTx holders to get first access to low-price tokens, and it’s a project in the very hot NFT space — 1000Blocks!

Introducing 1000Blocks

1000Blocks.space is all about community-powered NFTs. You can invest in Block Areas where you put your poster/image of what you want to show to the world. And as long as you are the owner of a Block (no one covers you up), you earn their BLS tokens constantly.

After the whole Blocks Space is covered with posters/images and the preset time limit is reached, an NFT is minted (Imagine Beeple Everyday’s or in the future on-demand NFT use cases). That NFT is then auctioned on the open market and the profit goes into a Rewards Pool, along with all the investments in Block Areas.

BLS holders can stake their tokens into a Blocks Vault where they earn yields in BNB from the Rewards Pool.

The above covers only the basic functionality but the platform offers much more. We invite you to read their concept article and find your winning strategy.

In summary, you can invest in visual real estate that generates yields in BLS tokens, as well as acts as a piece of artwork, and you can stake those BLS tokens to share in various income streams including the profits from that artwork.

Presale Signup

Only WAULTx holders who are staking inside of Wault.Finance’s locked staking vault will be eligible to whitelist for this presale. The maximum allocation for each person will vary by the amount of tokens they are staking in the 30-day lockup pool.

Silver: 100k+ WAULTx have a multiplier of 1x

Gold: 200k+ WAULTx have a multiplier of 2x

Platinum: 400k+ WAULTx have a multiplier of 5x

Diamond: 1m+ WAULTx have a multiplier of 15x

Everyone who holds the minimum amount of 100k WAULTx tokens will have an opportunity to whitelist for the presale. We’ll be announcing the dates for whitelisting, the presale, and exchange listing in an upcoming article.

As always with our LaunchPad projects, you can also feel relieved that this will be safe. The team will lock the LP tokens for one year before the listing so there will be no chance of a rugpull. The code has also been audited by Inspex. Finally, our team at Wault has thoroughly vetted 1000Blocks as we do will with all featured presale projects. So rest assured, you can invest safely with us.

Details on the BLS presale hardcap amount, price, tokenomics, and more will be released soon.

1000Blocks official communication links:



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