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Announcing the Wault Scholarship Program

NFT use cases are ever-evolving, best displayed by how NFTs are now integrating blockchain, gaming, and even finance. Last month alone, “Play to Earn” (P2E) games such as Axie Infinity generated over $207 million USD in revenue, hitting $1 billion in all-time sales. To put that into perspective, these revenues are more than those of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain combined.

However, this new stream of funds isn’t purely enriching the already wealthy. P2E gaming provides supplemental income and even living wages to many players all over the world. In many emerging markets where Covid-19 has crippled economies and made currencies unstable, P2E gaming has improved thousands of lives, raising the standards of living regardless of location, race, sex, age, or nationality. With P2E, blockchain has finally found a real-world use case for those uninitiated with blockchain and cryptocurrency, creating genuine value in the real world for those who need it most.

At Wault, we’re always looking to innovate, and now with P2E emerging as a powerful and growing trend, we’ve found such an opportunity with the Wault Scholarship Program(WSP).

In this program, Wault will provide financial assistance to and invest in prospective players looking to start with P2E but who can’t afford the startup costs to do so. Through this program, prospective players will be able to start with P2E while investing $0. You read that right, WSP requires no investment. An applicant simply needs internet access and determination.

Wault will carefully select the most qualified scholars and ensure they’re equipped for success. Managers will oversee the scholars, assist with training, strategies, NFT assignments, and support. Wault believes to make this program a success, we must keep an open mind and be agile with changes. After all, there are many aspects and strategies within the metaverse. That’s why we’ll continue to partner with P2E projects and acquire income-generating NFTs to further develop our assets within the metaverse.

Wault Scholars will earn revenue by borrowing Wault’s P2E NFTs with zero collateral. The revenue they earned while borrowing Wault’s NFTs will be split the following way: 70% Scholar, 20% Scholarship Managers, 10% Buyback and burn on WaultX.

At the beginning of WSP, Wault will provide 25 scholarships for Axie Infinity players, and each scholar will get access to 3 Axies. These starting parameters will allow us to carefully optimize the WSP initiative and work out any issues, as this is the first time we’re attempting such an implementation. “”However, as far as we know, we’re the First DeFi protocol to attempt creating jobs for low-income players through this type of program, and we’re proud of it.

If successful we believe this may have ripple effects through DeFi. We look forward to partnering with P2E games regardless of the blockchain!

In summary, Wault seeks to change lives and provide equal access to DeFi for those currently unable to participate due to financial restrictions. We hope P2E will be a method of doing that, and that through education and training, our scholars will become Wault Warriors! (That refers to both advocates of our protocol and warriors in-game, not warriors in real life unless we find ourselves in a Mad Max situation)

For those scholars uninitiated in DeFi, Wault will be their launching pad on their long journeys in the blockchain space, starting with providing a method of earning through WSP, and then tools for investing and earning yields in the Wault way — secure, decentralized, and open to anyone and everyone.

To apply for a scholarship, click here

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