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Announcing WPool #22: DEAPcoin!

Another day, another WPool, and this one is with a project in a space that has been blowing up lately — NFT+gaming. That project is DEAPcoin!

With this partnership, you’ll be able to stake WEX for 100 000 USD in DEAPcoin rewards which will be distributed over 8 weeks.

WPool: https://app.wault.finance/bsc/#pool

A new DEAPcoin-BNB WFarm will also open with bonus WEX rewards for farmers.

WFarm: https://app.wault.finance/bsc/#farm

This makes the 22nd WPool we’ve launched, yet we have many more coming, since many projects have approached us with interest in partnering with one of the largest and fastest-growing AMMs on BSC and Polygon. So hold onto your WEX and get ready to stake them!

WPool Reward Details

Total Rewards: 14,220,000 DEAPcoin (100 000 USD)

DEAPcoin Token Address: 0xcaF5191fc480F43e4DF80106c7695ECA56E48B18

Rewards Period: 8 weeks

Rewards Start Time (Approx. July 28, 2021 at 9 PM UTC)

Rewards End Time :(Approx. September 22, 2021 at 11 AM UTC)

Distribution Schedule: 9.875 DEAPcoin/block

About DEAPcoin

DEAPcoin comes from DEA, a Singapore headquartered blockchain-based multimedia digital entertainment group that issues NFT and games, whose members are part of the Blockchain Gaming Association.

With their traditional industrial network, DEA owns original IPs drawn by more than 70 famous manga artists and original content such as games and mangas.

The utility token, DEAPcoin(DEP, ERC20 & BEP20), listed on Bittrex, Indodax, OKEx, and many other exchanges is used to purchase DEA-issued NFTs (ERC721 & BEP721 in the future) that can be used in their games such as https://playmining.com/. The NFTs also serve as collectibles for fans of the issuing famous artists.

DEA’s platform ultimately aims to protect the copyrights of individual artworks in the secondary market. A portion of the sales will be rewarded back to the original creators forever, which incentivizes them to contribute their artworks to the NFT marketplace.

The company launched the platform PlayMining where users can play games and earn DEP that can be spent on NFTs, game items and ultimately be converted back to fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies to be used in real life.

You can read more about DEAPcoin in the links below:



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