Governance #2: Branding vote now open!

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3 min readNov 7, 2021


After much deliberation (read our previous article for more details about our branding contest), we have narrowed the substantial list of branding choices down to the following names:

  • THORUS — Thorus is a geometric figure that by its physiognomy represents union, the union of all its sides from one to the same side, as our community should be. It is also a reference to bulls.
  • ALDOUS — Coming from Aldous Huxley’s name, author of “Brave New World” best-seller. A well-known name not yet related to an existing project, and that can be associated with anticipation, future, dream, and perfection.
  • CEREBRUM — The cerebrum, which is Latin for “brain”, is the newest (evolutionarily) and largest part of the brain as a whole. It is here that things like perception, imagination, thought, judgment, and decision occur.
  • HINGE — Representing a pivot point in our community and ecosystem. Also representative of a cross-chain push.
  • RIDGE — Reflects the peaks and valleys terminology of traditional finance, which could work hand in hand with the new platform dynamics. This would help bridge the platform to traditional financial asset investors and represent continued innovation.

We have secured domain names in advance for each selection and have proposed 5 names instead of 3 to allow for a greater dynamic range of choices. Initial proposals were sorted by the availability of suitable domains and frequency of use in similar areas of business.

Some of the above suggestions are from team members/associates, and the remainder are community submissions. If a team suggestion is chosen, the $2,000 reward will be given to the community submission with the most votes.


Voting for this proposal will commence on Sunday, November 7th, at 7:00PM UTC and will end on Wednesday, November 10th at 6:00PM UTC.

Each holder will have to vote for the name they prefer, and there will be three votes. One for WAULTx holders, one for WEX, and one for WEXpoly. WMT holders (Wault Migration Token) will vote with their corresponding Wault tokens in the WMT contract.

Here are the Governance links:

👉 WEX holders
👉 WAULTx holders
👉 WEXpoly holders

The following tokens/positions can vote:

  • WEX : active WPools, Single asset staking, Holders
  • WAULTx (BSC only): Locked staking, Single asset staking, Holders
  • WEXpoly: active WPools, Single asset staking, Holders
  • WMT : all WMT holders

There will be a governance snapshot on Sunday, November 7th, at 6:00PM UTC. All users who qualify based on the above positions will be able to vote.

Users in LP positions would need to remove liquidity to vote with their Wault tokens. However, they can recreate their positions after the snapshot has concluded.

For a name to be chosen, 2 out of 3 voting pools must vote for the same name.

Please take your time and consider the possibilities for each name. This will decide the naming scheme and general branding of the project. We are excited to see what the community chooses and look forward to other contests to build this project together!

As always, we are open for questions via our social media channels. Additional governance propositions will be announced in the future.

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