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Governance #3: Logo vote now open!

After much deliberation (read our previous article for more details about our logo design contest), we have narrowed the list of choices down to the following designs:

Logos and explanations:

Given that the $THO token icon will be used primarily in 99% of publication cases, we have isolated those to the right (see images below). As such, the text of the word Thorus is provisory and subject to change based on the final layout of the site.

Therefore, please pay particular attention to the token’s icon design when casting your vote, rather than the text font itself!

Explanation: The fragmented nature into one represents the previous ecosystem and its evolutionary merge into a unified platform.

Explanation: The revealed construction grid of the letter T represents the many steps it has taken for us to reach this turning point for the platform.

Explanation: The ticker symbol $THO is hidden within the icon design (the letters are nested), representing the multifaceted approach this new platform is taking. It also provides a recognizable geometric design.

Explanation: The dynamic rings represent the previous three tokens merging into one unified Thorus.

Explanation: The split halves of the orb represent the peaks and valleys we as a community have experienced and have come out stronger for. The center also depicts the letter T.

Initial proposals were sorted by originality, ease of implementation, and brand-ability — for example, the token icon. In addition, we sought to keep a professional image, and we think these support that mentality.


Voting for this proposal will commence on November 19th at 5PM UTC and will end on November 21st at 5PM UTC.

Each holder will have to vote for the design they prefer, and there will be three votes. One for WAULTx holders, one for WEX, and one for WEXpoly.

WMT holders (Wault Migration Token) will vote with their corresponding Wault tokens in the WMT contract.

Here are the Governance links:

👉 WEX holders

👉 WAULTx holders

👉 WEXpoly holders

The following tokens/positions can vote:

  • WEX : active WPools, Single asset staking, Holders
  • WAULTx (BSC only): Locked staking, Single asset staking, Holders
  • WEXpoly: active WPools, Single asset staking, Holders
  • WMT : all WMT holders

There will be a governance snapshot on November 19th at 4PM UTC. All users who qualify based on the above positions will be able to vote.

Note: Users in LP positions would need to remove liquidity to vote with their Wault tokens. Since migration ends December 1 and rewards/emissions have already concluded (see information here), there is little reason to remake the pairs.

For a design to be chosen, 2 out of 3 voting pools must vote for the same logo. In the event of a draw, team will decide what will be the new logo for Thorus.

We are excited to see what the community chooses and look forward to other contests to build this project together!

As always, we are open to questions via our social media channels. Additional governance propositions will be announced in the future.

Contact us

If you have any questions or thoughts, please join us on our social networks:

Telegram | Discord | Twitter




Wault is a cross-chain decentralized finance hub that connects all the primary DeFi use-cases within one simple platform. We make the benefits of DeFi accessible in an intuitive way; saving you from the confusing interfaces, expensive fees, and unknown risks of other projects.

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