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How the new platform will work — Part 3

We are excited to release our third article discussing the features of our coming platform Thorus. As a reminder, migration ends December 1. Therefore, if you intend to migrate, please do so now. If you do not want to migrate, you may sell your current Wault ecosystem tokens at this time while liquidity remains available.

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While we had some success with the previous launchpad dynamics, we believe we can do significantly better. Therefore, Launchpad fundamentals will be completely revamped.

Firstly, a dynamic strategy will be based on the project itself instead of setting minimum and maximum allocation limits. For example, some systems consist of multi-day auctions with an increasing bid structure per token. This format would constitute a traditional auction setting. There would also be a decreasing bid structure, known as a Dutch Auction, where the price per token ticks downwards until all units are purchased. Launchpads could also use the previous design with set maximum allocations in specific circumstances.

However, there is no minimum value needed; all $THO holders could participate in a raise. Alternatively, we could customize additional setups per project based on their set requirements and objectives. Since the inherent Launchpad structure will be dynamic — a summary article will be published in advance explaining how a particular funding round would unfold.

Secondly, instead of locking $THO tokens in a 30-day pool — participants would use $THO itself to purchase their block of Launchpad project tokens — which would be calculated based on one of the strategies explained above. That allocation would then get added as part of the initial liquidity of the Launchpad project itself. This would benefit not only $THO holders by receiving additional units on a well-performing project. However, just as importantly, it will benefit the project by providing more liquidity at the start, which would help prevent catastrophic price moves when people begin to take profit. This setup prioritizes growth and stability for every project launched through Thorus rather than pump and dumps, which have been witnessed with prior methods.

Similarly, $STATIK (our new stable coin) may also be included during this transaction based on the needs and objectives of the Launchpad project. However, regardless of the scenario, this methodology is set up to help ensure success for all participants.

The fee structure for a Launchpad project has also been revised. Now, 10% of the initial liquidity raised would be deposited into our Treasury and locked for one year. This inherently sets an absolute minimum value for the project, a worst-case scenario reserve, and strengthens the Treasury should the project perform well. After the one year has been completed, the funds will be unlocked. The tokens could then be sold, and the funds reinvested elsewhere. Alternatively, the 10% of initial liquidity could be kept, allowing potential further growth from the project to be reflected in the Treasury balance. This further diversification will provide greater stability overall to the platform and contribute to the continually rising floor price of $THO.


Lending will also be coming to Thorus after launching. It will utilize the Treasury in part, thus generating additional yields which will reinforce the ecosystem. We will also add platform lending-specific features to give additional utility to $THO. These could include dynamic buy-down rates and multi-collateral options, prioritizing a trailing implied volatility (IV) level when calculating rates to ensure the best rate received. To maintain a competitive edge, we will release more details closer to implementation.


We will also maintain community governance for Thorus. Proposals will be accepted and sorted through specific discord channels by the Governance Committee. Additional members will be sourced from the most active and well-performing members of the coming Thorus channels. Important proposals from the team will also face a governance vote when the time arises. This is in an attempt to further move towards a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure.


We will also modify partner Pools. Rather than having a single stake option as previously, where one could stake Wex or WEXpoly and receive a partner token for a set reward period — the new platform Thorus will prioritize Treasury growth and unified rewards for $THO holders. In this method, partner tokens will be deposited into the Treasury, where they will be vested over the period of 3 months. This will raise the floor price of $THO proportionally to the value of the deposited assets. In this capacity, the reward becomes the increased floor price rather than the token itself.

Furthermore, a STATIK/Partner or a THO/Partner farm will be established, and a portion of $THO emissions will be directed to the farm for 2–4 weeks for those who wish to take a more active approach. The one caveat is that emissions would only be allocated to ecosystem-based pairs to ensure minimal dilution to holders. In addition, we could potentially create a new bond for the partner token for promising partner projects. However, the requirements will be strict to ensure stability and growth for all holders.

Development Fund

We have decreased the total emissions allocated to the development and marketing fund from 15% to 12%. These funds will continue to be used to pay for team member salaries, admins, designers, audits, bug bounties, and more. After financially planing out 2022 — this is the minimum amount calculated to accomplish platform goals.

Follow our Announcement Channel to be notified when Phase 2 instructions become available! And as a reminder, migration ends December 1 — so please be sure to migrate or sell your tokens before then. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out on any of our social channels.

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