Kirindy Reserve — The home of the Fossa

Kirindy reserve is in the west of Madagascar, about 50km north of Morondava, on the same road that leads to Tsingy de Bemaraha. It is a dry deciduous forest where we can see Baobabs in different size and shapes, endemic medicinal plants, 8 species of lemurs, chameleons, lizards and the infamous Fossa.

Fossa in Kirindy Reserve (Shutterstock)

The Fossa is a carnivorous mammal endemic to Madagascar looking like a little puma. It has been in Malagasy tales for hundreds of years as a terrible creature, scaring millions of children. The Fossa is usually very difficult to spot, and your best chances to see it is here, in Kirindy Reserve.

The reserve is also the home of the giant jumping rat, but more importantly, you can have the chance to see the dancing Lemur (Verraux Sifaka) jumping across the road.

Nocturnal and daytime visits are available in the reserve, and Kirindy forest offers some of the best wildlife opportunities in Madagascar. If you are hoping for the Fossa, then you must go out in the forest at night, and the excellent local guides and spotters at the reserve know best where and how to find it.

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