Meet the group of ring-tailed lemur at Anja reserve

Anja reserve is a community reserve held by Betsileo tribe at Ambalavao. The visit of Anja is an opportunity to discover a concentration of the flora and fauna of Madagascar and traditional tombs, while supporting the local population.

The fauna is dominated by a large colony of maki lemurs (Ring tailed lemurs) or catta lemur, about 80 of which live together in several families. (This is the lemur that is in our logo :) )

Group of lemur catta © Mialy HR

Anja Park is quite small, and the visit takes a couple of hours. Its size, and that the park receives a few visitors every day, does that the lemurs are familiar with visitors, and you can get very close to the posing lemurs.

Lemur Catta posing for visitors (WAU)

This small natural forest stretches at the foot of the Iandrambaky massif, known as the “Three Brothers”. You will discover many species of orchids, ficus, lianas, and on the heights, plants adapted to the arid environment along the steep slopes. Depending on the route you take, you can “climb” a little, and get to a fabulous view point.

Our National Tour Guide Lucien at the view point in Anja Park. (WAU)

If you love birds, you will see alot of them here. You will also see chameleons, Madagascar boa, and other amphibians. At the edge of the forest, a pond is visited by waterfowls (Red-billed Duck, Malagasy teal).

This visit is a must when going on a trip in the South, and is well combined with Ranomafana National Park.

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